Lupe Fiasco: 'I have the right to speak out'

Lupe talked to The Guardian, about Lasers, Obama, his criticism of militant Islam and more, check an excerpt below:

"People say, 'If you don't vote, then you don't have a right to say anything,'" he says. "But nine times outta 10, I pay more taxes than they do – so even if I don't vote, I still have the right to speak out. Their taxes maybe pay for a box of bullets; mine pay for a smart bomb – or at least the guidance system.

I don't mind payin' for the police and for streets and sanitation, or road work, bridges, trains, food subsidies and welfare. But I don't wanna pay for bombs to fight proxy wars in the middle of nowhere against enemies in the night.

"I remember bein' in Chicago the day Obama became president-elect. He was playin' basketball, and I was actually in the gym where he was playin'. The people I was with was shakin' hands and takin' pictures, and I was like, I can't shake his hand because I don't know what he's gonna do.

It would be dishonest of me to shake his hand 'cos I don't really believe in the American system like that. So I went home, because I didn't want to go to Grant Park to be in the midst of the madness, and watched his speech on television.

As soon as he said, 'We need to get our troops out of Iraq,' I was like, 'Yaaaay!' But then he said, ' … and get 'em to the real war in Afghanistan,' and I was like, 'Aw, fuck. I gotta pay for some more bombs.' That kinda pissed me off."

Read the full interview HERE


  1. Even if Atlantic put their bastard hands in F&L2, Lupe will still make us think of the world we live in!

  2. Lupe..ur the perfect roll model kids should look up to...

  3. Lupe..ur the perfect roll model kids should look up to...

    WHAT I STAND FOR SPEAKS FOR ITSELF- Nas..said that..Lupe is living the proof!

  5. beautiful article...really felt his passion.

  6. Dear World,
    listen to this man and you will shine.

  7. I disagree.

    Paying taxes is not the sole determining factor in granting you the privilege to "speak out," regarding your dissatisfaction with the state of our government.

    It simply means you are earning income and fulfilling your LEGAL obligation to taxation. The fact that you earn a higher income than average blue collar professionals (your income most likely comes out average against white collar workers) only makes your responsibility to engage greater. It means you contribute more resources to fund programs that you have no influence over because you did not vote for the people directly responsible for them.

    In fact, encouraging young people NOT to vote is an even further irresponsible act. "The People" have no power if their voice is not heard. Furthermore, by not voting, you are passively allowing special interests to manage and control legislation and services that have a direct impact on ordinary citizens.

    This is just poor form, Lupe.

    I'm surprised your enlightened fan base hasn't held you accountable to these statements prior to now. Have the audacity to stand for something, rather than passively complaining while you file your 1099.

  8. Keep on fighting that good fight Lupe. That's is all I've got to say.

  9. Lupe doesn't vote and its been no secret for years. He is an individual with his own theories on life and shouldn't be expected to live up to any standard that his "fans" put on him. I don't know why he doesn't vote exactly, maybe he believes the system to be corrupt no matter what, I don't know. But I do know that I wouldn't vote either If my vote was between a two candidates that support policies that I don't believe in.

  10. I shared this on Google Buzz and one of my followers had a great point to say about his decision and why she thinks he's wrong.


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