Lupe Fiasco discusses the making of Lasers

In an in-depth interview with the Chicago Tribune Lupe speaks on the struggles he went through while recording Lasers, talks about the fan protest, his realtionship with Atlantic Records and various songs and the story behind them.

Q: How did you resolve the conflict with the label?

A: I had to paint puppies, to be honest. But I threw in my own twist. One of the eyes of the puppy is a nine-headed deer, and there’s some kind of mutation in the lady’s hands. There is some subversiveness tucked in there. The album is still a collaboration.

They had to give, I had to give, because they have to have some incentive to promote the record. So the first verse of “The Show Goes On” is about them, but the rest widens it out. There are tracks like “Words I Never Said” and “All Black Everything” where they let me do what I want, they didn’t interfere.

There was no pressure to create, no expectation to please someone. I’m comfortable and happy with the record as a whole, where before there was an imbalance.

I hate this record, the process of making this record, and I love this record. What I had to go through was not fun, the ugliness I saw in people. But I love the manifesto, that the message got out, that fans protested for four hours in front of the label’s New York headquarters and demanded attention.

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  1. listen to the lyrics thats all i gotta say! LASERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LoVe AlWaYs ShIneS EvErYTImE ReMemBeR To SmIlE

  2. Anyone know were to get the lasers shirt? just the shirt only? thanks

  3. Yeahhh i mm a listen to a club song and supposedly feel theres a connection to the lasers manifesto?

    i hate when stans dont let other fans voice their opinion. the album is not a successor of other lupe fiasco albums, that is all. you can clearly see how atlantic fucked up the message of it. it not lupes fault, but a wack album is a wack album

  4. listen to the lyrics you tards...its just a beat. dont listen to hip hop if u just listen to the beat. listen to electronica or techno

    lasers is hotttt

  5. (Arnie Voice)Stop your whiningg

  6. 2Pac even said it's not about the beat it's about the lyrics so people complaining about Lasers being pop and shit gtfoh! Lyrically no-ones fucking with Lupe!!

  7. ^^^

    N O O N E I S F U C K I N G W I T H L U P E.

    enoughhhh said.

  8. I appreciae Lupe's honesty and candidness in these interviews. It's refreshing and a true testament to who Lu is. That being said, this album sucks. I don't want anymore compromising from Lu. His career doesn't need another Lasers....

  9. This is what I hate about hip hop. Listeners determine what the song is about according to the instrumental. Therefore, socially conscious records can't be upbeat or have a popular appeal. Where as in other genres u can do that like Bruce Springsteen did. Anybody that says this is album is wack because of the beats is no different from someone who likes Rick Ross because of his beats. I

  10. This pretty much explains why lasers is the way it is, so those of still getting mad at lupe for the way the album turned out really confuses me....ATLANTIC FUCKED IT UP, NOT LUPE...STOP SAYING LUPE SOLD OUT AND ALL THIS OTHER BS....ITS NOT HIS FAULT...JEEZ

  11. what the fuck you lot on about, hip hop is the encompassing of 4 things, brekbeat, lyricism, djing and graffiti, you cant seperate one from the other, so dont say that if you listen to a beat you dont do hip hop, fuckin hell.

  12. They should say on every track. Lupe fiasco feat. Atlantic ceo


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