Interview: Lupe Fiasco on HipHopNation [Sirius/XM] (Audio)

Lupe was on Sirius XM's Hip Hop Nation just a few minutes ago for an interview and a exclusive performance.

He talked about 'All Black Everything' and what inspired it (20% of it came from the dinner table scene in Kanye's Runaway film), said that not every song needs to be Super Lupe Lyrical and explained the purpose of songs like 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now.'

He also talked about his religious views, answered some fan questions and gave a huge shout out to the protesters. He said that there won't be an album dropping right now if there wouldn't have been a protest.

And...towards the end of the interview we here at The LupEND Blog got another shout out, too! I'm still getting excited when that happens...thanks Lupe!


  1. this interview says it all. haters stfu with the dumb it down crap.

  2. Audio keeps stopping. Is it on your end or mine. I'm lost.

  3. haha luella got us shout outz from LUPE

  4. Luella sounds like a psycho... she reminds me of Cathy Bates in MISERY... IM YOUR # 1 FAN!!! lupe better watch the fuck out with her!!! And IRONICALLY lupe couldn't figure out the name of the movie during the charades game on the Jimmy Falon show... DAMN!!!

  5. ^^ chill out... think your hate, don't post it, we don't need that

  6. Luella wtf is wrong with you?lol That ish is not healthy yo! Before I thought that was cute but this is just too much.

  7. I was actually there standing WITH Lu at the interview..

    I think YOU PEOPLE are the insane ones.

    Insane because I'm a fan?
    Insane because I'm passionate?

    I think it's about time I say it-- Fuck off.



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