Interview: Lupe Fiasco on The Breakfast Club [Video]

Lupe was on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 with Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God earlier today. He talked about the feedback he got for Lasers, the protest, Fiasco Friday 2, Atlantic, suicidal thoughts, his future as an artist, situations he went through on different record labels, co-signing artists with their own movement and more.


  1. Happy LASERS DAY everyone! Remember what today is about, what the album stands for, what we accomplished.

    Peace, and much love to yah.

  2. I am so happy right now.......... I love the way Lupe reiterates that he dont have number 1 records but he can fill up a stadium with thousands of people...

  3. dang am just happy to see Lupe happy..... i hope this album sells a lot can we say platinum dear Lord please just to prove a point. I know Lupe is not really concerned but just so the haterz and atlantic can see that, can we say duble platinum, 4 grammys, and BET what have you. All the best to Lupe!

  4. Does anyone else see a video about Diddy?

  5. Great interview.

    Bought my regular version today. Waiting for my preorder to come in :-(

  6. This is probably the greatest interview Lupe has done about his music.

    That host dude hit lupe on some tough questions


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