Get to know Sway

If you've already listened to Lasers, you've also heard Sway's dope verse on 'Break The Chain' already. Now, in case you want to hear more from him, check out the video for 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' above and download his mixtape, The Delivery 2, right HERE

You can also follow him on Twitter: @Sway_Dcypha and check his website: for more music and info's. ...and for all of you who have a problem to understand his accent on 'Break The Chain' - check out the lyrics of his part below!

"Super Swah, the cape remains, thought I was M.I.A no paper?/Planes, I'm fly plus I don't write no more, its all off of the top I shaved the braids/ And stayed sharp mother knew how to raise-a-blade (Razor Blade)/

I paid my dues now I wait for change and the flows so rude it goes without... *Saying*

Ask Lupe I'm Sucre, I aid the Break/Quick to cut off any baggage like some samurai I like to travel light/

I Gotta leave you at home Delilah, this is Sampson Night (Samsonite),
No case for the police, said I know Killah's I never seen 'em Ghostface, only time I'm watching is my Panerai, I've got an alibi I was in Chicago taking pics, call me Camera Chi (Shy)"


  1. His verse was pretty dope, look forward to more collabs of Lupe with him.

  2. Dang this go hard. Sway was Bitting other peoples line with out bitting they lines! Now That's Just crazy!

  3. Hey Sean, how reliable are these mixtape downloads, I feel like since I've started downloading these mixtapes off the blog, my computer's been running slower...or is it just my comp?

  4. ^ lmao.

    also sway was better on "we love you"


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