Clif Soulo from HHU Chimes in on LASERS

Clif Soulo dropped his two cents about LASERS over at Check out what he said:

Lupe Fiasco’s album Lasers drops tomorrow. The internet savvy have already downloaded the bootleg. From what i’ve seen via twitter, facebook, etc., most Lupe fans are not rocking with the album. “Lupe sold out”, “Lupe mailed it in”, “this isn’t the lupe we want”, and on and on and on. The most consistent complaint i’ve seen is that the production is waaay to pop for Lupe. Well….DUH!

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  1. most of all Lupe music sound to pop-ish
    remember I Gotcha, Superstar etc. those weren't "hip-hop beats" hell even "Daydreaming" sound kind of pop-ish

    LASERS is GREAT!!!
    YOU WILL DEAL!!! :p

  2. They were certainly more hip hop than pop. Something like i need a doctor is what i would call pop

  3. youre fucking crazy if youre calling I Gotcha and Daydreaming anything near a pop song or beat. Same with Superstar. Those are vintage hip-hop songs.

  4. Lol what is hip-hop?

    Hip-hop is a cultural movement, best known for its impact on music in the form of the musical genre of the same name. Today Hip-Hop is considered to be dead in the mainstream because so-called mainstream Hip-Hop doesn't have the elements of hip-hop and have NO MEANING!

  5. Thanks for checking out the writing. And if you have time, revisit

    I might be recording a visual for this real soon

  6. Hello/Goodbye is probably the only non hiphop beat Lupe has on the two previous albums. This Lasers crap is hard to stomach, and believe you me, I've tried.

  7. Not a bad review at all. I agree with it 100%.

    BTW, I thought it was funny how you made a comparison with hamburgers, said you where hungry, and used a picture of Lupe eating some food.

  8. every one who call Lupe a sell out is ignorant. considering the fact that his label made him go through absolute hell when it came to the making of his album and yet literally almost every single song talks about the problems of the world, and things that we can do to make the world a better place to live. is it a little more mainstream than his other songs? yes, but nonetheless the songs still have the same impact as songs like dayreamin', hurt me soul, dumb it down,...etc.Dont listen to the beat listen to the lyrics and i promise you, you will hear lupe and everything he stands for.
    Lupe is great
    lasers is great
    I applaud Lupe for his determination and hard work


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