100 of XXL's Favorite Story Telling Raps (feat. Lupe)

XXL Magazine compiled a list of 100 of their all time favorite story telling raps and 'Hip Hop Saved My Life' made it to #31 and 'The Cool' made it to #88 on the list.

If you want to see what other songs made the list, follow this LINK!

By the way, if you had to make a list of YOUR top 5 favorite story telling raps, what songs would they be?


  1. These aren't my favorite 5, but I like these 5 story telling songs.

    1. Make Sure - Lupe Fiasco
    2. Children's Story - Slick Rick
    3. When You Were Young - The Killers
    4. I Got a Story to Tell - Notorious B.I.G.
    5. Dreams - J. Cole

  2. 1. Dance With Devil - Immortal Technique
    2. I Gave You Power - Nas
    3. The Cool - Lupe

    Off the top of my head. Shout out to the guy above with J. Cole's Dreams. Crazy twist to that song.

  3. Im new to the rap game like really new so I don't know many classic BT frm what I've heard so far

    1) eminem - when I'm gone
    2) LUPE - hip hop saved me
    3) tip - remember me
    4) j cole dreams
    5) eminem guilty conscious

    Like I said I'm VERYYY new to the whole rap thing so please don't bash me for my song choices

  4. if stan by eminem is considered storytelling, cant find much to beat that except dance with the devil...but how is hip hop saved my life over the cool??!!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that list is a fucking horrible joke....50 cent baltimore shit is number 10 and immortal technique doesn't make it into the top 10....gimme a fuckin break...

    3 EMINEM - STAN (the best written song maybe of all time, also not in the top 10 for GOD knows what reason)
    4 THE COOL
    5 FOR WOMEN - kweli (sort of multiple stories in that song, sort of, the best u could come up with off the top of my head)

  6. The Coolest
    The Cool
    I Gave You Power
    and that old slick rick song I can't remember the name of it though lol.

  7. stan, kick push, bedtime story by slick rick, dance w/ the devil, and renee by lost boyz are some classics i can think of off the top of my head

  8. In no particular order

    You Never Know - Immortal Technique
    The Cool - Lupe Fiasco
    The Coolest - Lupe Fiasco
    The Mask - Fugees (Ms. Hill's verse is ILL)
    Fly (Song of Liberation) - Blu

    But that make sure joint is dope!


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