Video: Lupe Fiasco talks to the crowd in Melbourne & performs 'Scream' x 'Words I Never Said'

Before performing 'Scream' and 'Words I Never Said' at the Palace Theatre in Melbourne [o2/o3/11] Lupe addressed the crowd and told them that Lasers drops on March 4th in Australia. He joked and said that, if someone bootlegs it, he wants 50% ...HaHa! He also performed 'Break the Chain' after 'Words I Never Said,' as he did at previous shows.

Video courtesy of DBSC

Check out 'The Show Goes On' and 'Go Go Gadget Flow' below!


  1. Looks like I'll be in Australia sooner than expected!

  2. It sucks that there's no scream on the album.

  3. Scream will be a bonus track off the album. So when lasers hits itunes scream will be bonuses and more songs as well.

  4. Guess I'm getting it March 4th an i live in u.s.... haha thank u Jesus for the internet!!


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