Video: Lupe Fiasco / Redlaser Guerrilla Marketing with LASERS @ Union Square NYC

We had some videos of this on here earlier but now here's a video taken by the company that organized the Laser Show yesterday and some more info's about it.

Lupe Fiasco and Redlaser use LASERS to announce the upcoming March release of the new album: LASERS. Fitting.

Lightwave International used multiple Prism Series Lasers to beam the message on buildings surrounding Union Square. Subsequently, a mob amassed to scan the pre-release QR code. Traffic was stopped and police arrived to restore the flow of traffic: a marketing success.

Another video can be found below!


  1. Dope buh no point goin there just to see that

  2. y not.....advertising the album..... if it was this big, just in NY imagine how many copies he is going to sell.....

  3. @Anonymous..

    Are you kidding me!?
    NYC streets flooded by a bunch of LASERS?
    That's a beautiful thing.
    It's always nice to see everyone..

  4. Lol it was something you had to be there for. It was wild seeing so many people trying to spot the secret, especially for a Lupe album.
    Lasers = a beautiful thing


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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