Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Jim Murray [Tone Deaf TV]

I posted a pic that was taken during this interview a few days ago. Now here we have the full interview that Lupe gave for Tone Deaf TV in Melbourne. Above he talks about getting political on his new single, "Words I Never Said," addressing issues such as 9/11, manufactured foods, budget cuts and more. - Above is the 1st part, 3 more parts below!

Lupe talks about taking his rock approach onto the BIG stage this time at the BIG DAY OUT, playing in his post punk band Japanese Cartoon and his other business interests like his fashion labels.

Lupe talks about the crossover between hip hop and rock/metal acts, the difficulties in getting his new album "Lasers" out and why he calls it the "people's album."

With Jim Murray wrapping up the interview, Lupe talks about his first love of Benny Goodman, jazz and soul as an timeless artform today.


  1. Lupe went from not considering himself to be "too famous" to now when he says "it's not what you're saying, it's who's saying it". So I think that's he's done being modest.

  2. Wooooooooooooow so you completely ignored everything he just said, only to pick that quote out and use his own words against him to judge/define his my friend, are a genius.

  3. nah hes just tellin it like it is, very modestly too. He said others b4 him have said things to challenge americans as well. He even said they did way better than he did.

  4. He didn't start it, but he looks to be the last. I think you know what I'm hinting at. Lupe is the messiah!!!!....of Hip-hop. :)


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