1. Yo this man style is on point, gotta love it!

  2. Lupe KNEW he was looking damn good that day.

    my goodness.
    that man.

  3. @ Luella

    Do you actually care about Lupe's music, or do you just want his dick in you? Serious question.

  4. ^^ anon
    Ur an idiot leave leulla outta this ur just mad she don't like trash like u

  5. ^
    very disrespectful.
    hard to believe you're LASERS.

  6. cont. from very disrespectful.

    -plus Luella is just a committed fan. She's a great person. & even Lupe Fiasco knows it and does shouts outs to her. She's not sleazy or all over him. She's just a great LASER !

  7. Lupe looks much older with his hair like that! Now he really looks like he's in his 30's.

    Not a bad thing though!

  8. Question: Is this the Lupe blog or the Luella blog? Everyone gives her too much attention on here and its a little distrubing!
    Stop asking her stupid ass questions about Lupe. She is a female fan who admires Lupe as an artist! Leave her alone!

  9. I've decided that I'm done with this whole blogging thing.

    I used to think nothing was impossible..But now more than ever I'm seeing that some things are.
    I swear, I don't think people will ever learn the true meaning behind peace, unity & respect.

    I don't get it..
    The first person said he was looking on point,
    Then I say he's looking good..
    And you turn it into this big huge production.

    What the fuck it wrong with a compliment?
    It'd be nice if more people learned how to give them.
    Especially when they are due.

    Incase you haven't noticed, I've had plenty of opportunities to be all over Lupe. I've seen him 6 times in 2010 ALONE. But I respect myself, as well as him, a little more.
    I'm not interested in being anything other than a fan.
    And only that.

    Just know,
    That when I'm passionate about something in life, I put my ALL into it, Regardless of what it is.
    And years ago, Lupe made his way into that category.

    And I'm not ashamed.

    And I love everything he stands for, and I'll continue to be there, and root for him, and give more love than each time before.

    Sue me if you don't like it.

    ...And why I just took the time out to respond to some ANONYMOUS IGNANT FUCK? I don't know.

    Have a fantastic day.


  10. Luella this is why I look up to you and respect you.


  11. Another troll killed by the Magnificent Luella. haha! Ok, enough of that nonsense.

    Lupe's been spending a lot of time down under. That's it. That's all I have to say. Just about a month...in just about a month. He stopped traffic with just a scan on a building. Same with a mass protest/celebration. Just imagine the Pandemonium when F.F. II hits! The goal is to cover the entirety of Manhattan. Swarms of soldiers. Lasers everywhere.(A)

  12. @Luella people attack things they don't understand or comprehend. That closed minded attitude is a product of de-sensitation; and indoctrination displayed on the very same box that lupe rapped about on that track the instrumental. Just do you and that's it; obviously you've influenced some on here, so don't quit on the account of disagreement or confrontation. Things will never be peaceful humans aren't meant to be peaceful; passive at times, but even the most high God knows there is a time for war and a time for peace. In short, be ready to learn in both times.

  13. Lupe looks like he's in his 30s because he's in his almost in his 30s now lol, just sayin ;P

  14. ^^
    Well not yet! and most black people don't look their age...
    just sayin ;p

  15. ^^^
    Luella is never gone.

    I was just upset.
    I meant every word I said..

    And i thought about it and realized that if I went way,I'd be giving the ignant fuck exactly what he/she wanted.

    And that was unsettling.

    I enjoy engaging in conversation with you people, and i'd never let a few rotten eggs spoil the experience.

  16. LUELLA you're resilient. We need more brave ones like you. Its not that easy to take shit being thrown at you with such pride. Hats off =)

  17. LUELLA you're resilient woman. We need more brave ones like you. Its not that easy to stand with pride when shit is thrown at you. Hats off to you girl =)

  18. Luella u shouldn't let stupid niggahs get u upset. Just do u and let stupid people be stupid.

  19. "I've decided that I'm done with this whole blogging thing."


    "Luella is never gone."



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