Park Vista pulls out of Lupe Fiasco concert competition, Students aren't Happy

You might remember that we posted about this Lupe Fiasco concert competition that goes down in Palm Beach County right now. Now one of the schools, Park Vista, pulled out of the contest after leading for several days.

The school's staff decided to remove the school from the poll without giving any specific reasons. Apparently they were scared that the students could break some stuff or whatever when the concert goes down at the school.

Now students started a Facebook page to get the school back into the voting and so far they gained over 400 'Likes' - Check the page HERE and good luck to all of them.


  1. good no1 likes park vista

    ......should have been at Santaluces anyways

  2. You don't want to anger LASERS....If thou makes any error, it's upsetting LASERS!
    You do that, you upset the revolution.(unsuccessfully)


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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