Contest: Lupe Fiasco's #1 Fan of the Month: Fiasco Friday II Edition

Y'all remember the Fan of the Month contest right? It's back this month for a very special Fiasco Friday 2 edition! We got together with TeamLasers & some of the people who are organizing Fiasco Friday 2 (the 2 Matt's & Luella) to bring you this contest.

Details: As always you must enter by telling us why you should be the #1 fan of the month. That's how easy it is, just send an e-mail to

Prizes are: A gift bag full of goodies (a t-shirt, gift cards & more) and a chance to be featured on The LupEND Blog.

IMPORTANT: Cause of the fact that this is a special Fiasco Friday edition of the contest, the gift bag will be given to the winner on March 11th during the Fiasco Friday 2 event in NYC. If you aren't in NYC that day you won't be able to receive the bag. So, only enter if you're sure that you'll be in NYC on March 11th. Thanks and good luck!


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