Lupe Fiasco to perform in Palm Beach County!

Lupe is set to perform in Palm Beach County, FL on Feb. 23rd. It's a FREE show! Where will it be exactly? Well, that's where you come in. There's a contest going on between 3 High Schools; Palm Beach Lakes, Park Vista, and Inlet Grove.

You can vote HERE to vote & decide where Lupe will perform! I don't know if this show will be open to the general public though...

UPDATE: Inlet Grove High School won. Congrats!


  1. I'm not sure...if you listen to that radio station you might find out more.

  2. No, only students of those schools are able to go. I live in Orlando and it's kind of annoying how he, again, goes to south Florida! I had to drive 3+ hours to see his last show (October 16th, West Palm Beach) and it wasn't even an official Lupe show just a quick show/quick stop before he had to go elsewhere.

  3. Well I live right near park vista like 10 minutes away. Hopefully any1 can go and it's just at the location chosen.


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