Lupe Fiasco talks 'All Black Everything'

There's a whole new Bio up on Lupe's official site and at one point he talks about the song 'All Black Everything' and reveals what it's about:

“All Black Everything” takes a fanciful look at the past, asking, What if black people got paid for slavery? “I just started thinking, ‘What if things had gotten off on a totally different foot?,’” says Fiasco. “What if they just came over to Africa and said, ‘We want you guys to work for us.’”

Read the full new Bio HERE


  1. can we all agree that the biography/description of lasers they provide just REALLY bolds and italicizes the point that Lasers is meant to simplify both his records and his persona to reach a new fan base?

    not a bad thing, just a different goal.

    That being said, they REALLLLLY simplify his past records, and his own biography as well, to the point where they paint him to be not NEARLY as complex as he should be depicted.

    I see what they are doing so I can't hate. Just sayin tho...i guess when its time to sell records they need to package you in a box so ppl can receive you easier than if you were scattered in wildly different places, nahmean

  2. Wow.. I thought this song was gonna be a banger....

    now I realize it's another lame attempt at Lupe trying to kick "knowledge". WINS was dope... but come on dawg... talk about something else

    fuck, I aint black nor am I white. The fuck this song got to do with me. I can't even relate to it.

  3. "fuck, I aint black nor am I white. The fuck this song got to do with me. I can't even relate to it."

    Wow.... what a statement. Lets think about some of the great lupe songs for a moment. He say she say, not everyone can necessarily relate to that song but that does not mean you can't empathize. Or take intruder alert; if you aren't a rape victim an illegal immigrant or a crack head how can you completely relate? You can't and that is my point. Rap is an acronym that stands for rhythm and poetry. Key word in the previous sentence is poetry. Every one gets something different out of poetry and that is the beauty of it. Lupe is a Muslim, and I am a Christian; obviously I cannot relate to his religious beliefs; but I can empathize with believing in something. You may not be black or white but you are human and ALL humans have had their share of struggles; relate to that.

  4. @yours truely

    if you didnt know lupe has been kickin knowledge since food and liquor lol

  5. his hometown on the site says "Brooklyn NY"


  6. Intruder Alert and He Say, She Say were stories...Good stories.

    This song, as far I know, is about Lupe switching up history.

    American Terrorist indeed was Lupe kicking knowledge though. Good knowledge at that so you got me.

    I dont know. Maybe the concept is dope to someone else, but it's worn out for me.

  7. It's a story about switching history

  8. WOW! i thought all black everything was gonna be like a gangster rap piece... i was unhappy at first that it wasnt... but im kinda pumped now!

  9. @ yours truly, What would you rather him talk about? I'm white and I cant wait to hear this. I have never heard anyone make a song with this concept before. I mean if he makes a gangster song you might so ooo he's giving in and going mainstream, but with this he's staying try to himself. I bet this will be a banger but with a dope concept.

  10. Manifested laser has OBVIOUSLY NEVER listened to Lu pre F&L. He WAS a legit gangster rapper around Pre 1/15 I - 1/15 II.

  11. Actually I have some of my favorite songs are knocking at the door, gangsta up in here, and accept the troubles so Stfu. I'm just saying thats not him anymore.

  12. @manifested whatever makes you sleep at night, Lupe is fighting against the whole fake gansta rap concept, but I guess everyone is entitled to there own opinions.


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