Lupe Fiasco interview w/ The Wrap Up [MTV UK]

While in the UK Lupe sat down with @miss_liljo to do an interview for MTV UK's The Wrap Up. He talked about Lasers, collabos he did and collabos he wants to do in the future, the difference between Lasers and The Cool, Hip Hop and the artist who impresses him the most right now and more!

Check an excerpt below:

TWU: What do you think about the general direction hip-hop has moved into in the last 5 years? Do you think it had evolved?

Lupe Fiasco: I don’t know, because hip-hop has always been something experimental. It’s always been progressive, so it may just be another cycle coming around, or maybe the beats are better, but are they actually creating new music?

In some instances no, they’re doing the same stuff and people are jumping on the same bandwagon as opposed to some people making new things.

The only person who really impressed me with making new music is Cudi. Everyone else seems to be jumping on the same music, the producer-made stuff, but the one person that’s made new music to me is Cudi.

Read the full interview HERE


  1. id really love it if kanye lupe and cudi did a track together


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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