Lupe Fiasco covers Loud and Quiet Mag [Interview Scans]

Lupe graces the cover of this month's issue of Loud and Quiet Mag. They also interviewed Lupe while he was in London. It's a really insightful interview in which he talks about his love/hate relationship with Lasers - definitely a must read!

Check below for scans!

Click on the images for larger view and to read the feature!


  1. i cant enlarge the photos to read it :(

    1. right click<open in new tab<magnify. Doubt you'll see this, but at least I tried.

  2. is that not the flyest pic ever???
    dope gear and he's killin em with the fro..

  3. So he's basically admitting that Atlantic made him make pop bullshit smh

    Dude doesn't even like his own album

  4. lol

    DJBusy actually loves the new album! it's my fav too! misquotes jeez
    4 minutes ago

  5. This interview is very eye-opening with respect to Lasers.

    Honestly, I thought Superstar was a good song which also happened to be a great pop record. And the rest of the songs on The Cool were rooted in hip-hop with unique beats, lyrics and flow.

    It's annoying that the record companies forced him to change his style. It's sounding like Lasers will be a pop-rooted album laced with some rapping. And I'm not happy about that at all.

    The problem with the pop approach is that a lot of Lupe's fans are fans because of his hip-hop. And they're pretty much evangelists for his music - trying to introduce new people to it. But if he's going directly for the crossover crowd, it's a wild card cause the fans who were evangelizing his music might not feel this new pop direction.

    In the end, I support Lupe because he's given us two great albums and many mixtapes. I really hope he does put out a hip-hop mixtape to let his hip-hop fans know he's still interested.

    I don't have anything against Japanese Cartoon but truthfully speaking I'm a Lupe Fiasco fan because of his _Hip-Hop_ music.

  6. Also, I wish he'd stop calling it "The People's Album" as if we were hoping for a pop record by Lupe Fiasco.

    New Lupe is very much welcome but it can't be The People's Album if it isn't an album Lupe Fiasco is fully proud of.

  7. Yo. This whole article is now available to read at, if you're having trouble viewing it here.


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