Live Stream: Lupe Fiasco speaks @ CAU

Lupe is at Clark Atlanta University right now to talk about Lasers, the Lasers manifesto and more. For all of you who can't be there, check out the stream above!

UPDATE: Stream is over. Unfortunately they didn't record it but hopefully there'll be some footage available soon. Lupe mostly talked about his Lasers manifesto, his view on politics and why he doesn't vote and he broke down 'Words I Never Said' and 'The Show Goes On.'


  1. I'm loving this right now,
    And I love how they're play the verses on the spot..


  2. They didn't record it? WTF That's cruel. Why stream it, then? Is it a reward to people who can catch it in action? *inhales* *exhales* It's okay, it's okay. There will be some footage soon.

  3. They also censored his lyrics (in the actual program and the DJ) for "Words I Never Said" ...they took out Obama, Glenn Beck, not voting etc. ...interesting! Ill take a pic of it and send it!


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