Video: Saigon talks Atlantic, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z & More

In this interview w/ HardknockTV Saigon breaks down what happened with his former label Atlantic and why his record never came out. Sai gives insights as to how Atlantic was trying to change him as an artist, which he wasn't feeling. He also talks about Lupe's Atlantic Records situation, Jay-Z and more.

The Greatest Story Never Told drops on February 15th!


  1. Their situations are parallel. Both albums long overdue, but both are worth the wait.

  2. I agree lupe's album is long overdue, truthfully I've heard of Saigon but haven't really sat down and listened to him, is there any recommendations on any of his material for first time listeners?

  3. ^^ you should check his Welcome To Saigon mixtape


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