1. Ladies!!! I have a question for you. Who is the sexiest man on the planet??... yup, Yup!!

  2. ^^^LOL, HAHAHAHA, your funny.

  3. March 8 the world will regonize Lupe more

  4. Any news of this video being on BET's top ten ?

  5. Seantherobot is by far the sexiest man known to existence!

    @ Luella, is your profile pic a Lauryn Hill imitation?


  6. Thanks Lady Love ;)

    and about BET..

    The video wasn't on the countdon yesterday and as of right now it's not even on the list to vote anymore...

  7. @SeanTheRobot, how is that even possible? I voted atleast 30 times I guess voting doesnt do anything.

  8. @Sean

    Yeah, They took it off the vote list yesterday, which was when I first noticed it was gone.

    Something is fishy here. I voted for the vid like 100 times everyday since it was first available to be voted, which was before the it even premiered.

    I know I'm not the only who voted for it that many times so for it to not make the countdown is very suspicious add on to that you can't even vote for it anymore hmmm....

  9. @Lady Love...Excuse me?
    A Lauryn Hill imitation?
    Where did that come from & what are you even talking about..

  10. Actually.

    I'd take a Lauryn Hill comparison, any day.

    Have a great day.

  11. @ Luella

    Calm down girl. Didn't mean anything negative by it.

    Jus saw a pic of her once dressed and her hair like that, so I thought you were trying to honor her since she's making her comeback.

    guess I was wrong!

    -It's all love.

  12. N E who...

    Lupe is the sexiest man on the planet! Sean.. u aight j/k ;)

  13. Lmao at you all always trying to start some shit!

    Lady Love knows what it is!

    Love Love.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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