Video: Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down & More - Live @ BDO Auckland [New Zealand]

I know you all want to see some footage of Lupe performing new tracks but considering we didn't get any video footage of his BDO performance in Auckland (01/21/11) so far, this is better than nothing. After some technical difficulties Lupe started his set with "Shining Down," followed by "Solar Midnite" and "The Instrumental."

I don't know what some people on Twitter, who were straight hating on Lu's performance, were talking about. If that's not energetic then I don't know what is. On the other side, the people who enjoyed it probably didn't have time to tweet.. *shrug*

UPDATE: Check out "Scream" and "State Run Radio" below!


  1. I love how whenever Lu plays NEW material none ever uploads anything. -__-

  2. It does look kind of boring though...

    I think its because he's so far from the actual audience. There's not that connection. Not completely his fault though.

    My 2 cents

  3. I have a question sean, is state run raido on lasers? if it is not i will kick a Canadian beaver into wood chipper.

  4. Well im glad people are getting something out of my shitty videos haha

  5. He dropped Shining Down 3 times. The first without the bass (and just Matthew Santos - not live..), he then basically got boo'd off. He then stopped again right before his first verse... It was just a build up though, the vibe of the crowd was awkward though


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