Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ ONE News [New Zealand]

Here's another interview that Lupe did ahead of the Big Day Out festival in New Zealand yesterday. He talked to Krissy of ONE News about the BDO Festival, performing on the main stage, acts he's looking forward to see during the BDO, the sound of 'Lasers,' his achievements so far, his song 'All Black Everything' and more.

He also answered the question I asked about the Lasers Album Cover, check it out!


  1. Hey Lupe... what the fuck you wearing bruh??? You looking kinda rough... but the show goes on right???

  2. It wouldn't be fair if lupe dressed as fly as he rapped lmao

  3. 20+ rappers in ACCC?

    who on dat short list

  4. Trae the truth and bishop G probably.


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