Video: Lupe Fiasco - Beautiful Lasers - Live @ the Enmore Theatre in Sydney

More live footage from Lupe's Enmore Theatre performance. In the above video you get a short impression of what "Break the Chain" sounds like and after that Lupe performs "Beautiful Lasers." After the jump you can find another clip featuring "Words I Never Said" and "Break The Chain."

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco performs 2 new songs

Props to KidTonez for the first clip!


  1. great concert good show, was really good to be there

  2. I'm a french fan and this album will the best of 2011
    Lupe Fiasco t'es un des plus grand rappeur que la terre est jamais connu

  3. first time i heard the extended version of beautiful lasers..... danggg.... amaaaazingggg

    dunno if i've ever heard another hip hop artist rap something so personal with so much passion

  4. Lupe,you got support from Romania.
    Can't wait for Lasers,going to buy 3copie's.

  5. I like the acapella versio much better

  6. I like the acapella versio much better

  7. I like the acapella versio much better

  8. I'm not a fan of the autotune he added to the hook of Beautiful Lasers(Matthew Santos?). Preferred the first version we heard.

  9. This world is such a fucked up place.
    My mind is in such fucked up shape.
    Everything down here sucks.
    Maybe what's up there is great.
    We all gotta go one day, I just wanna cut to the chase.
    I wanna stop these nightmares.
    I just wanna touch your face.
    All you see is all my feats.
    All I see is all my flaws.
    All you hear is all my demons.
    Even through your applause.
    All you see is all my flights.
    All I see is all my falls.
    All you see is all my rights.
    All I see is all my wrongs.
    Don't keep telling me to fight.
    Girl you keep telling me to come on.
    Telling me to put it inside my head, then put it up right next to my gun.
    Don't keep telling me to find a reason.
    Anything to keep me from squeezing.
    Simplest things, yeah, you really like salt? song?
    You really like music.
    You really like breathing?

    and that's all I can decipher :\
    Help Sean, lol.

  10. How do you guys know it's auto-tuned? Cause you really cant tell from the video.

  11. i thought beautiful lasers was gonna be one of my favorites off lasers ever since i heard the snippet and the live version with just electric guitar, but i ain't diggin the autotuned vocals. that small autotuned part in shining down was dope tho.


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