Meet Lupe Fiasco in Seattle this Friday!

On Friday, January 14th, you…that’s right, YOU…can meet Lupe in person as he comes through the KUBE studios to hang out, sign autographs, talk with listeners, and discuss his highly anticipated upcoming album, Lasers.

If you’re able to come to the station in downtown Seattle from 11am to noon on Friday, the 14th, here are the details on how to win an invite to this meet and greet:

Tell us what your favorite Lupe verse is and why. Email your answer to and if selected, we’ll notify you by Thursday at noon.

via AOD


  1. Me? O, Boy!

    Too bad I don't live near Seattle.

  2. Ok I just entered!!! I had no idea he was coming to Seattle!

  3. lol I swear this felt like a personal message sent to me
    I don't get into the whole radio contest thing though, I haven't even listened to Kube93 since I was like 12 or 13 but its still dope he'll be in the area.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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