March Eleventh 2011 - #FiascoFridayII [Lasers Release Celebration]

We've reported about the Lasers Release Celebration before. Now the location for the event in New York has been chosen and everything's pretty much set.

On March 8th (Lasers Release) there'll be a Mass Album Purchase Event at a Best Buy in New York and then on March 11th there'll be the big Fan Release Celebration Party for Lupe's "Lasers" at the Europa Nightclub in New York. All info's can be found in the flyer above and on THIS SITE

There are also shirts available HERE and you can buy tickets for the NYC event HERE. All proceeds will be donated to the Education Equality Project.

There'll be more events like this in various cities. Check the event pages below:

If you want to attend one of the events then click on "I'm Attending" on the site and they'll keep you updated about locations and times! - Also make sure to spread the word about this!


  1. ish stay happenin when i'm not in my city. once again, i will be missin out. but, i know that it'll for sure b dope. to all the folks that can make it, have a good time... n try to hold off on the coonery. =)

  2. We're doing this again? Haha! Well yes muthafuckin, sir! Let's go!

  3. This seems kinda excessive. just my opinion.

  4. Nice to see the movement, moving again! I hope for your sake you aren't all buying 5x copies of the 'Clean' Best Buy versions of LASERS :)

  5. @Nyris Ain't a thing wrong with celebrating what we've fought so hard for.
    It's DEFINITELY something worth celebrating.

    Everyone, please follow @FiascoFriday2 on Twitter to stay updated, and also join the facebook group if you haven't already!!/event.php?eid=186262988056343

    Love Always Shines!

  6. Word! @ Luella Mink. You already know this is gonna be pure dopeness! I'm writing this on my calendar right now!

  7. Didn't realize raising funds for charity could ever be excessive...


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