Lupe Fiasco's 'Lasers' on Complex’s '25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2011' List

After Rap-Up, Complex also released a list. Theirs includes the 25 most anticipated albums of 2011 and Lupe's 'Lasers' can be found at #9.

When we spoke to Lupe back in September, it seemed like Lasers would be stuck in limbo forever and never be released. But Lupe’s fans finally got fed up and started a petition for the album’s release, and the next thing you know Lupe is all "buddy buddy" with Atlantic Records President Julie Greenwald.

Then, much to our surprise, the album actually got a release date. According to Lupe, Lasers has already been done for years. So we figure as long as the Atlantic situation is straight, Lupe—who has always been a supremely talented artist anyhow—should be able to put his album out with relative ease.

The complete list can be found HERE


  1. lol i remember when this was THE most anticipated album of 2010.

  2. ^^^^

    It still is . . . 'cept for 2011 ;)



    That's some bullshit right there.

  4. ^^ how is that "some bullshit"

    gtfoh with this hatin on every rapper that isn't lupe

    1) he just gotta outta jail after being gone nearly the whole 2010

    2) he sold 3 million of his last album

    3) 6'7' is blowing up

    why would c4 NOT be the most anticipated album???


  5. ^even though im not a lil wayne stan, nigga got a point lmao. can't hate wayne too much...
    can't hate on any mans success too much...
    *and im not saying the nigga above is a stan lol

  6. Dude does have a point about Lil Wayne being #1 is bullshit... I mean come on, Lady Gaga sold a lot more records than him and her next cd is frickin' #19!

    I don't even like Gaga, but c'mon...if its based on "success" and all that crap, she should be ahead of him. And obviously if it has to do with actual content, Wayne's cd should be in the lower 20's AT BEST.

  7. ^ therefore complex actually likes mainstream rap nonsense. Think about it... Wayne Drake and Ross all within the top 10. Don't take this list too seriously... just be glad Lu is on the list and is 9 out of 25.

  8. Pusha T is Ill and everything and I'm looking forward to the album ... but that's more anticipated then Lasers ?

  9. I wasn't tryna be a "stan" hating on every rapper that isn't Lupe. I wasn't complaining about who was above him. But Weezy as number 1? Come on now. It woulda been more fitting if Kanye & Jay's "Watch The Throne" were higher.

  10. We at the also have Lasers on our TOP 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2011. check it out here:

    If you like it, please repost on your site.

    Much respect...Peace.


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