Lupe Fiasco describes Aussies as the most sophisticated Music Fans in the World

American rapper Lupe Fiasco has described Australians as the most sophisticated music fans in the world.

The Chicago raised hip-hop star believes Aussies exhibit wider tastes when it comes to song selections and are more open minded than any other country.

Preparing to return for his third Big Day Out tour, Fiasco praised youth radio station Triple J for enhancing music culture with its diverse range of programming.

"Australia is a fun, fun place because the music scene over there is so more democratic," Fiasco told AAP from San Francisco.

"You've got a radio station like Triple J who will play anything and everything so long as it's good, whereas the climate for radio in the US is a little more controlled and confined.

In Australia you get a range of different music so the average music fan is maybe five or six times more sophisticated and has a far wider palate than the average US fan or even a European fan. I've noticed that Australian people have such a vast acceptance of music and you'll rock out as hard to The Prodigy as you'll rock out to Lupe Fiasco or rock out to Tool."

The 28-year-old rapper behind the hits Superstar and The Show Goes On also had special praise for Big Day Out, describing the outdoor festival series as the best he's encountered during his ten year career.

"For me it's the best tour in the world because they put the artist first," Fiasco said. "Not only are the shows amazing but the hospitality behind the scenes is incredible, it's like a vacation seeing a beautiful country for two weeks and performing in these amazing venues."

"I'm excited every time I get invited to come and do it."

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  1. If you stare at this picture for to long lupe looks like some monster lol

  2. the Big Day Out is also known for the racism that comes along with it. it always falls on and around Invasion Day (australia day) so there have been incidents of ppl getting bashed for refusing to kiss the australian flag when it is pushed in their face.

    we might be open minded when it comes to music, but we're still one of the most racist countries in the world. Lupe should not be wearing the flag on his shirt.

  3. Dude is right i mean his tour is with the broadest group of artists imaginable from Ratatat, steve aoki and the bloody beetroots to Die antwoord and himself to LCD sound system and Rammstein. His tour there is there is almost my version of the perfect tour

  4. @ddadich

    Easy there, that's a pretty big call saying the Australian flag now represents racism.

    I can see where you are coming from in a sense, I've lived here all my life, but you're making it sound like the KKK are running our beatiful country which is not true!

    Go back to the article and read into the props Lu has given to our biggest festival tour (and country). Don't let your hate misguide you.

  5. @ddadich

    I am an Australian immigrant and have never been a subject to racist remarks at any music concert or in general. Australia is one of the only places I know that people take you for you and look beyond the color of your skin. btw, I'm Indian apparently one of the most targeted races in Aus and Melbourne and I have not ever been bashed or 'made to kiss an Australian flag'


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