Video: Lupe Fiasco brings stepdad out on stage, explains British Accent in Japanese Cartoon

Lupe brought his stepdad out on stage at his show at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on January 24th 2011 to explain why his stepdad is one of the reasons he uses the British accent in some of the Japanese Cartoon tracks.

Shouts to Wayne for this who also has a 12 minute long performance video.


  1. Am im the only person who really couldn't understand his stepdad that well?

  2. Well that was a surpirse. "This white guy right here is my step father." .. lol

  3. so that explains the british accent?


  4. That's good shit, I can dig it!

    Hey, if his stepdads is british, thats all the reason he needs to do a british accent.

    As long as lupe keeps bringing that fire like he's been doing since day one, its fine by me!


  5. Aw man, that is a beautiful thing, we all know very well how much Lu loved his pops, the Sensei, it's nice to see that the hole Lupe had in his heart that gave us "The Cool" is somewhat healed.

  6. This is just amazing.
    How beautiful is thattttt!

  7. Music is colorblind.
    Love is colorblind.

    Peace, unity love and havin fun :)


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