Live Chat: Lupe Fiasco x Kiss 95.7 [Update]

Lupe is going to chat live today at 10AM EST. Click HERE to send in your questions! Or ask directly in the chat HERE


Chat is over... you can watch the recorded live stream above! The audio on the stream has a lot of static so in case you don't feel like dealing with that check some of the things that were said below:

Lupe said that The Great American Rap Album (F&L 2) is like 80% done. He also talked about CRS and how difficult it is to put an album with them out cause 3 labels are involved and all of that...

He revealed that eventhough Jay-Z didn't get an Executive Producer credit on "The Cool," he helped him out with it and Jay is always one of the first persons he plays his new stuff to, even Lasers.

Besides that he said that he auditioned for a movie and waits for an answer... but he's fully focusing on his music and touring right now.

Lupe also once again said that the ACCC is not a supergroup but more of a collective ... more things were talked about, check the stream above!

...oh and The LupEND Blog was mentioned, too at the end. :)


  1. There is too much static in this for me to watch.

  2. ^^ yeah..I know that sucks..but I pointed out all the important things that I understood in the entry.

  3. So all lupe has to do is wait for lasers to be released then turn over F&L 2 for the Approval of the label and what singles to release?

  4. I can't wait till LASERS drops just to hear it plus then we most likely get Friend of the People and then after that Food & Liquor II ? Godamnnnnnn sounds like it's going to be a big year for Lupe all us fans need to do is support him.

  5. @Anonymous yep thats the answer ive been waiting

  6. I like that sweater, haha. Any info on that?

  7. yeah it sounds like this was recorded in from of a jet engine... but still excited to hear (well read) about upcoming Lu projects and what not

  8. I wonder what the movie audition was for.


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