Lasers and Roses Lounge with Lupe Fiasco

Power 98.3 is bringing you the Lasers and Roses Lounge with Lupe Fiasco at Hotel Theodore (in Scottsdale, AZ.) A private, intimate and exclusive evening with Lupe Fiasco performing some songs off his new album Lasers.

The ONLY way to win tickets into this event is by listening to the President of the Afternoon Jx3 weekdays in the 5pm hour and Nights with Deongello in the 9pm hour.

There's no specific date for this on the site but it must go down some time during Valentine's Week, I'm sure you'll find out more when you listen to Power 98.3.

You can listen online HERE - Good Luck!


  1. Luella would be there front row if it was in Times Square, lol!

  2. ^^^
    Lmao..YOU ALREADY KNOWWW I was crossing my fingers, then I saw "Scottsdale, AZ" and dropped my head in shame.

    Valentine's Day, Schmalentine's Day.


  3. its not fair!!!!!
    why cant it be in NYC????
    you know we love you Lupe
    why AZ though
    my heart hurts now

  4. my cousin Josh Lucero is the sickest artist & truest fan of Lupe!
    *P.S this is a drawin, saw it personally in the works.

  5. I cant wait it's about time we get some Lupe Fiasco in AZ! I will soo... be there!!

  6. The event already went down yesterday...boohoo I missed it!


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