Fan Story: Julie meets Lupe Fiasco

Julie met Lupe Fiasco at the KUBE 93.3 meet & greet in Seattle last week. She wrote a blog entry about it in which she shares how she experienced the meet & greet.

Let me begin this account by saying that thanks to me, we almost didn't even make it there (it turns out it makes a difference if you include the "West" in the street name). I can't imagine how terrible I would have felt if I didn't make it there in time...well, actually I can, but would prefer not to.

After driving through Belltown very aggressively and honking at a couple cars, and running to the Kube studios in my high heeled boots, we got there with literally no minutes to spare...and as Lupe would say, the show goes on!

We sat down at a table, and within a couple minutes, Lupe walked in and saluted everyone, and I'm pretty sure I had the biggest smile out of everyone plastered on my face...

Click HERE to check the whole thing out!


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