Audio: Lupe Fiasco Interview x Freestyle on the HOT 93.7 Morning Show

Lupe Fiasco visited the HOT 93.7 Morning Crew in Hartford yesterday to promote Lasers. He talked about touring/performing live, the LupEND Album and how it didn't work out, label politics, scaling down 1st & 15th, 360 deals, collabo's, having 12 tracks on Lasers, CRS, leaks and much, much more.

LASERS News: Alex Da Kid produced the next single "Words I Never Said," there's a song on Lasers called "All Black Everything" that's one of Lupe's all time favorite tracks and his collabo with Sway is called "Break The Chain."

Sarah Green is on the album, he worked with Trey Songz and John Legend and there are productions by The Neptunes, The Buchanans, Soundtrakk, Alex Da Kid, King David, Kane Beatz, Needlz and 1500 or Nothin'. Lupe said he worked with all of those people but they might not all end up on the album.

You should definitely listen to this one, very nice interview. Plus, he did a freestyle!

Stream the full 40+ Min. interview HERE


  1. I liked this interview. It was worth the 40 minutes for me. I had plenty of laughs and it had good information.

  2. So Lupe likes Apathy but I though Apathy hated Kanye. Im a little confused. Great interview though.

  3. The girl interviewer is so annoying

  4. discounting global warming? come on lupe.... you're supposed to be a revolutionary. do you have any idea how many people in developing countries are gonna be displaced and killed by climate change in generations to come? if you really cared about people you would do your homework before running your mouth like that. you just talked about how your celebrity status effects people. you of all people should know the damage that celebrities can cause by making comments about things that they aren't educated about. i really respect you as a person and an artist, but that was low...

  5. Good Interview and hot freestyle


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