Video: Lupe Fiasco speaks @ Drexel University

Photo courtesy of IllAntic

We previously had a clip of Lu spittin' a verse from a new song at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Now here's footage of him discussing his views on Hip Hop, the music industry and more. Check all the clips (courtesy of Jasmine Whaley) after the jump!

Lupe on his Music Industry beginnings

...on his Motivations

...on the Effect of Audience Behavior

Lupe talks about how consumers effect the music artists put out.

....talks on some of the cons of trying to be an independent artist without a label.

Lupe Fiasco answers a student's question about the Illuminati.

All clips courtesy of Jasmine Whaley


  1. Summarise: I'm a slave to myself disobeyed my boss

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  3. Lupe is retarded on his comments about the "costs" of being an independent artist. Trent Reznor already debunked that notion a while back.

    + Reznor urges musicians to ditch labels:
    + Five Independent Superstars = Death of the Record Deal?:
    + Trent Reznor explains what to do as a new/unknown artist:

    And, perhaps most importantly...

    + Reznor makes $750,000 in first week, even when the music is free:

    Lupe could easily do the same, given his cult-like fan base.

  4. i'm so mad i wasnt there! DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jesus christ i can't believe i missed this... i go to drexel and didnt even know he was coming... fuck that shit


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