Video: Lupe Fiasco explains "Dumb It Down"

We previously posted videos of Lupe's visit to Drexel University, where he discussed the future of Hip Hop with Professor Michael Eric Dyson. Now, you can watch above as Lupe explains the origin of "Dumb It Down". He reveals what the original chorus was, and what inspired him to turn the song into what it is today.

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  1. lmao! So Busy told him to "dumb it down?" lmao!

  2. No it was not Busy. His A&R (Also the guy that go him to Atlantic Records from Arista)is Darryl Jones.

    That's the guy that was telling him to "Dumb it Down", as per record company's request.

  3. I never thought that scenario was actually pertaining to the song. I bet that A&R felt like a jackass. When he heard the hook. XD

  4. great story Lu makes me think even b4 the other problems with Atlantic you were still fightin..... definition of a rebel

  5. Top Gear is my shit!! I remember that episode, I bet part of it's on Youtube. (on their official Youtube channel if not then it's on some bootleggers channel lol)


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