1. I just watched the whole thing (not just the lupe parts) and this was a very informative and interesting discussion. A shame that no one else commented on this, cause it sorta reflects how many people were interested or cared about anything past music.

  2. WOW! that's all i must say..First off i didn't know Nick Canon was of this type of stature behind his comedy..he really had some FIRE from this panel! i'm recently unemployed and i'm most definitely grateful to have watched this. This was very inspirational to me and most definite truths came from this. We do u need bits of more socialism implemented in our culture..but i feel like its so tainted that it will be another 100 years and coming of undoing. But the ideology of socialism if advocated as a moral mantra, may lead to less n*ggas feeling like they have to wake up and get over their own kind just to get to the top. We need to rid the idea of social,monetary status, etc, being what dictates moral ideas. Most people growing up following these people, grow up not being able to decipher reality from illusion..and it's not healthy for the hopeless..period..Props to Lupe for taking part in this as well is Nick Canon..major props as well as the others.. FnF UP!!!


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