1. I thought Lupe sold out? And dumbed it down? Fuckin lames jumping to conclusions.

    Lasers about to be dope as fuck

  2. most likely its for F&L II and not Lasers

  3. .. THANK UUUUUUU, LASERS finna b "his most controversial album" Speak da truth Lupe, like always

  4. hes on a lasers promo tour, why wud he speak on F&L2

  5. *siren goes off*

    lol jk but that shit was deep tho.

  6. Un-fucking-believable. i dont understand how he keeps doing this, and making stuff so damn awesome.

  7. i am part of the problem, problem is i'm peaceful

  8. Everything was good, except for the part about Glenn Beck being racist, that was fucking ignorant.

    Maybe the context will be different when the song comes out; otherwise, Lupe is getting desperate.

  9. yea i love it besides the whole glenn bleck being rascist. I dont understand how glenn beck is a rascist what so ever,but anyways this shit was pretty dope the budget cut line was deeppppp

  10. Um you guys know there is more than one race right? If you don't think Glenn Beck is Xenophobic at all you should take a second look. I don't think he is racist against blacks, but to Arabs and Muslims is a different story. I would venture to say he harbors prejudices against these groups

  11. IT'S ON LASERS! Lupe said it I know a kid who was there. And Lupe is just against ultra-conservitives like Glenn Beck. He's kinda an asshole you have to admit. And Lupe I feel was saying he's a racist for effect, because he's against him and his ideas so he just went for the ear-catching thing to say. Also, Glenn Beck has had some very questionable racist moments, not that he is or isn't, but its up for debate.

  12. Yea thats a good point and I remember him saying that this album is going to piss some people off. The album seems like its still going to have these type of rebelious tracks which I love cause Lupe is nasty when it comes to that. "You gotta be educated when going against the grain" Lupe

  13. Anonymous said...
    hes on a lasers promo tour, why wud he speak on F&L2

    Thursday, December 2, 2010 11:04:00 PM EST

    Hey dumbass he spoke on F&L II plenty of times before and rapped intro from F&L II.

  14. Well, if Rhymestyle says it's from Lasers then it must be from Lasers, amirite? Also, I'm not sure Glenn Beck is a racist but he is a moron. And so are his followers, or "stans" if you will.

  15. I don't know much about the retards at fox, probably cause i only watch the dailyshow. That show makes everyone on the news look like assholes.

    On a more relevant note: that verse was dopeness incarnate.

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  18. Yessir Lupe killin...Um are yall up on Space Jam Jaye? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goioN3l7b4M

  19. Long live the leader.
    This verse is GREATNESS.

  20. Glenn Beck isn't racist, he's just implies it in a way that will get him money. He's banking on the sect of republicans that are racist, delusional,and go against their own economic interest. Can't knock his hustle though.lol

  21. Glenn Beck is a racist,
    Just face the facts & dont be afraid to tell it like it is.

    Just like GFTO said:
    "I don't think he is racist against blacks, but to Arabs and Muslims is a different story. I would venture to say he harbors prejudices against these groups"

    That still falls under a racist


    Is it because yall also harbor prejudices against Arabs and Muslims so yall cant see the truth.

  22. ^I'd say that about Rush Limbaugh or somebody else. Beck grew up in similar if not worse conditions than Lupe. Lupe's dad owned a dojo, Beck's dad owned a bakery. Beck's mom killed herself when he was young. He has a Ph.D in History. He has endorsements from Martin Luther King Jr's. family.(yes you read that right) Also hates the political process. And if you watched his show you'd know he is far from Republican. The only people calling him a delusional Republican are the desperate media who know he is spreading truth and they are losing viewers because people are watching his show instead. Beck is spreading truth in the media just like Lupe is spreading truth in hip hop. They share a lot in common if you ask me. I could go on, just know that Beck exposes corruption in the government and media, and powers of be are going to be butthurt, and use their influence to smear him. Don't believe for a second that he is Republican either. Your environment doesn't make you. Lupe grew up in the hood and he isn't ignorant. Beck works at Fox, and he isn't ignorant. (infact Beck worked on a major Liberal news station before he went to Fox) Just for the record, Glenn Beck hosts muslims on his show, and probably more blacks than any commentator in the history of the media.

    My thoughts to Lupe. You might want to reconsider that line. If you ask me, Beck and Lupe might as well be the same person.

  23. @TheOriginalName

    That may be true and all but it doesn't change the fact that the political media is all bullsh*t. Literally. Politicians don't tell the truth, and Beck is censored as much as possible. And when he slips, he usually comes off as racist. The fact is, news/politics are complete bullsh*t. Whenever they report something, or a politician has to say something to the media, it all has to be "formulated" because they don't tell the truth, they say what they think people want to hear. I'm mentioning this stuff about politicians because thats what he reports on, and I group politicians and political news in the same category: bullsh*t.

    As another person said, Lupe went for the ear-catching thing to say. Beck may not be a racist per-say, but Lupe is against what that guy represents and Lupe's trying to spread the word and get people to realize that the media (like Beck) incessantly spread negativity and lies.

  24. "LASERS is going to suck"
    "LASERS is going to be pop? Fuck out of here I ain't buyin"
    "LASERS is going to be simple? SMH@ Lupe dumbing it down"
    "LOL we protested for a mediocre album"

    I LOL at everyone who doubted Lu. Lu never fails to impress that is why his work is the most demanded and anticipated by fans and critics. Lupe fiasco is the Best of All Time. I'm sailing on the BOAT until the end of his career.

  25. @Anon 2x above me. You generalize if you want. I don't generalize all rappers and say they spread lies and negativity because I know there are intelligent rappers. Does Lupe tell us what we want to hear just to make money? That is what I thought. Not all people who work in the media do either, and certainly not Beck.

  26. I know us fans waited years for this and we got upset and all, we protested. FiascoFriday was a great experience for me and whoever went. All I have to say is I know it's gonna be worth the wait especially after hearing this 1 CRAZY verse. Theres was a point where Lu said he was retiring and im grateful that he ain't so I'll wait and I'll buy the album no matter what. 3 months til LASERS. I'm in therrreeee.

  27. @TheOriginalName

    Hip Hop artistry is completely different than the news and political media! Music and news don't compare, especially the kinda of music that Lupe creates that has artistic integrity. And I don't think Lupe is calling out Beck per-say, he's calling out the news, but uses his name and calls him a racist, to get people to really listen. And because at the end of the day he's still on a major network controlled by an unfathomable amount of money.

  28. ^^ And to add to that, on a network who's other shows perpetuate all the things that are detrimental to our society. Just news in general, which Beck is a part of and DOES IT TOO, spreads things that influence peoples' minds and they incessantly talk about things that don't need or should be reported on.

  29. Fuck Glenn Beck! Im just glad Lupe mentioned World Trade Center Building 7, the biggest proof that 9/11 was a government operation! More light need to be shed on that situation, and i thank Lupe for doing that. GW Bush was a tyrant and needs to be fully exposed. I excited to hear the full song!

    Please read up/research WTC Building 7

  30. Lupe is also on a network(Atlantic Records) that works with artists like D4L and Gucci Mane. Which is controlled by an unfathomable amount of money. And we obviously now know that Atlantic will sacrifice anything for money. Your logic doesn't hold.

    Why are you out to discredit Beck? Just admit that you don't know enough about him.

  31. @TheOriginalName i completely agree with you. Becks show is the shit and its eye opening he is alot like lupe because hes against alot of what the government does. Just watch the mans show he doesnt bullshit hes just trying to spread the hidden truth just as lupe does on certain situations.

  32. Lol at the guy comparing Lupe to Glenn Beck. Opposite sides of the spectrum. Only one of them can be speaking truth. FUCK GLENN BECK!!!

  33. Can some1 give us the lyrics?

  34. I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit
    Just another excuse for you to use up all your bullets
    How much money does it take to really make a full clip?
    If Building 7 wasn't threatened then why'd you have to pull it?
    And a bunch of other cover-ups
    Your child's future was the first to go with budget cuts
    You think that really hurts? Then wait here comes the uppercut
    School was garbage in the first place, that's on the up and up
    Every time I look around I see a bunch of what the fuck's
    Blabbering about so and so, talking about such and such
    And that ain't Jersey Shore, homie that's the news
    These the same people that supposed to be telling us the truth
    Limbaugh is a racist
    Glenn Beck is a racist
    Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn't say shit
    That's why I ain't vote for him, the next one either
    I'm a part of the problem, my problem is I'm peaceful
    And I believe in the people

  35. thx Sean, much appreciated =)

  36. "Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn't say shit"
    while I will agree that Obama has been useless in the Arab-Israeli conflict and any sort of peace negotiation that is one sided bias to say "the gaza strip was getting bombed". I won't disagree that there were bombs dropped in Gaza, that's the nature of warfare, but what about the thousands of ketusha rockets sent over to Israel every day too? The phrase is in a way that distorts the true. I love Lupe, I think he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest rapper in the game today but that line really put me off. The middle east is getting bombed...maybe. But implying the bombs are one sided, well that's just ignorant.

  37. Yeah, because 150 rockets that can only reach the southern 15 miles of Israel warrant 100 tons of air strikes on a densely populated strip.

    Even though Lupe only talks about the Gaza bombings, he still points to Obama because nothing was done to resolve the issue.

  38. Lets not forget that Lupe is rhyming. He might not be able to express what he wants to say in great detail because he rhyming and it'll be hard for him to fit that information in.

  39. This can't be off Lasers. I heard Lasers suppose to be a pop album from other news sites. It was a powerful verse though. Lupe going to make a big impact new year definitely. March 8 2011. Cop it.

  40. thank god. the truth.

    Free Palestine.

    Lupe forever.

  41. How is Glen Beck not a racist and or an extremely prejudice individual? When the first muslim congressman was elected from minnesota, he had the nerve to ask him how do we know your not one of "them" referencing terrorists and what not. Case closed Lupes right, dont defend someone that shouldn't be defended because at the end of the day Glen Beck is a political pundit out to push his agenda and more importantly his networks agenda.


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