Lupe Fiasco x The Bullitts

SoulCulture revealed that UK band, The Bullitts, worked with Lupe Fiasco on their upcoming mixtape series. Here's what they had to say:
Taking their name from Steve McQueen’s 1968 Bullitt thriller, an intriguing new “action adventure” musical outfit by the name of The Bullitts is on the way with a creative concept inspired by the short stories of Roald Dahl.

Information at this point is sketchy but we’re told their first single, “Close Your Eyes”, is due for release in February 2011 and features Jay Electronica and Lucy Liu, followed by the groups’ debut album They Die By Dawn, which also features Mos Def and Tori Amos.

In the meantime, the outfit have been working with the likes of Passion Pit, Kano, Roisin Murphy and Lupe Fiasco on a series of ‘FlixTapes’ – presenting their unique audio-visual take on the mixtape, reinventing classic TV theme tunes and film soundtracks.
Click HERE to listen to their collab with Jay Electronica and Lucy Liu!


  1. is the jay elect song the only one they have released?

  2. Yo I have a Mustang Bullitt inspired by that same movie! Already know I'm gonna like these dudes plus they work with Lupe and Jay Electronica!


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