Live Webcast - Black Male: Re-Imagined Discussion [w/ Lupe Fiasco x Russell Simmons & Others]

Today a community town hall discussion will kick off 'Black Male: Re-Imagined' — a national summit to address the negative perceptions and associations of black men and boys in American society.

The town hall conversation will feature an intergenerational group of artists, including Lupe Fiasco, Russell Simmons, Nick Cannon and others, who live at the intersection of culture and social change.

The discussion will start in an hour from now, at 6PM, so tune in to the live webcast above! In case you can't watch it or you're reading this and the webcast is already over, don't worry, will make the full webcast available soon after the broadcast.

If the player above doesn't work, click HERE to watch!


  1. Lupe being here makes so much sense.
    I'm so glad to see this happening.

    These people right here are the core people that are in it to change the world, over everything else.

    This right here gives me hope.

  2. This is the message that all young people around the world needs to hear. so powerful--i pray it makes a difference.

  3. what was the book the guy referenced about Jim Crow?

  4. the real problem is that all the powerful black men in the world we see are rappers or entertainers. when 90% of rappers are whack. That influence is pretty heavy.

    I'm not black, and I don't just look up to my own races successful people and base my life on that.

  5. @TheOriginalName

    He was alright. He didn't really say anything no one already knew. Lupe brought in some interesting points and different ways to think about things.

  6. so did anyone record it.....

  7. yea i missed it, is there any other website that recorded it? if so please add the link here

  8. I must share something that ....I'm sure some of you enjoyed: Lupe just spouting "Socialism!" was just plain out hilarious.XD

    I loved the debate, though. I'll probably further comment on it when I hear it in its entirety. What I did hear was not only constructive, BUT DIFFERENT. Not just having role models, but being the role model. Cultivating a change by yourself, with no idols to influence you. That's the mark of true change.



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