Video: Lupe Fiasco says 'Lasers' is a Revolutionary Album

While in Atlanta Lupe talked to, about the inspirations behind his upcoming album, Lasers, says that it's a revolutionary, more popular (not POP) sounding album with songs that have a social awareness edge to them.

He also revealed that there'll be another poem by his sister on the album and that his favorite song off the album is "Beautiful Lasers"


  1. this will be the number one album next year. i just have a feeling it is

  2. Sometimes living in a world like this
    pretty hard not to go insane
    pretty hard if you don't comply
    pretty easy if you don't complain

  3. I think this album WILL be revolutionary but it won't be high on the billboard charts...unless things change. I know I'm buying ten albums myself!!!! I hope to the man upstairs that this album goes platinum.

  4. 1) Didn't Lupe say in Seattle that all the songs he did on the Steppin Lasers tour wasn't going to be on the album?

    2) I'm a little worried about the fact he said it will be "more popular"


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