1. shouldve freestyled over the cold play beat haha

  2. Most Rappers need to take notes

  3. Luella, did you close your twitter account??

  4. Damn... that coldplay beat would've been sick.

  5. Yes. I did. I no longer want to be Luella LASERS.

  6. Damn, Lu is pretty good off the top, but I feel he limits what he spits so that what he says isn't totally negative or boasting.

  7. Yeah seriously, people need to stop. It's not like she's going to give you her phone number over the internet...

  8. *cough*attentionwhore*cough*

  9. ^^^
    Lick it.

    How the HELL does that make ME an "attentionwhore" when these mofos are trying to get at ME..?

    Take a look around.


  10. aww luella i wasn't tryina get you called an attention whore. just wanted to let you know how incredible you are.

    now you need to take a look around and see there's not a more beautiful lupe fan than you.

    @Anonymous i ain't even gotta get at it, just sayin it how i see it. call a spade a spade

  11. ^
    I'm prettier nigga...



  12. Niggas trying to holla at Luella... add my name to that list...

  13. TWAS NICE...

  14. Appreciate the love P. Hope you're talking about my inner beauty.

    @Anonymous LMFAOOO at that long ass pause.

    @99yroc.. calm allat down. Ain't no list..

  15. Because "Luella", near enough every single article on this site has 20~ comments all from you about some bullshit that's not even relevant.
    You're also a painfully obvious hipster who's so far up Lupe's crack I doubt you could ever hear his songs even with the stereo turned up to 11...

  16. ^^^

    Howya gonna talk?

    You just did the same, added your 2cents "about some bullshit that's not even relevant".

    Go sit down.

  17. Lick it......hmmm......dang.....

  18. It's relevant since it's about your bullshit you ATTENTION SEEKING FEMALE.

    Go sit on my face.

  19. hey luella, i saw your pick on blogspot and id really like a handjob off you one day, whats ur number, asl?
    yours, sergio

  20. The nerve of some people. SMH... Either its a ignorant, childish male or a jealousy female hating on luella. Leave her alone.

  21. Damn son a lot of immature ass people be coming to this blog. Shout outs to Sean, Luella, and Lupe!!!

  22. Is this the bag Luella thread?
    lol jk Luella u r a cool girl we met at fiasco friday, nothing but positive energy from u. ur pretty inside and out. so u r pretty times 2 lol. i was the one who asked to see ur sign and called u by Luella. and Lupe can spit man. most people say they can go off the top but can't. Lu don't lie!

  23. dont know why people talk about inner beauty because on the inside of everyone exist or primordial natures of savages and is covered up by a fleshy human exterior

  24. ^^That's pretty deep but there are other parts of human nature that are not so gloom. Hope, Love, Sympathy, Understanding, The human conscience. We just have to try to stay in touch with the good more than the bad. I'm pretty sure once in everyones life they could've done bad but did good instead. Whether it be holding the elevator for someone instead of shitting on them or something much better.

  25. Uhhh, the freestyle was dope.

    I just thought I'd add a comment that was actually about the post.

    coldplay woulda been rawwww

  26. lol, first and for most.... LOL.. these comments made my day..

    agreed, lupe rhyming over coldplay woulda been ill, i thought that woulda been right up his ally... never the less, dude went in on that freestyle..

  27. here the lyrics. i changed some of it by purpose. changed from Saturn to Pluto to make it relate to the canine from mickey mouse.

    hi all hi all hi all hi all
    off the planet maybe on pluto
    got a new mean ferrarri game heart racing like gran turismo
    shout out to noodles all the kids and kaboodles
    i am a german sheperd u all poodles
    ill chase them down like wolf tactics
    fresh meat when i see them at it eat them beat them defeat them shit em out and treat them
    in the sewage system thats how i greet them
    no hellos just hollows sumtin for u to follow
    heads of sleepy hollow
    all about ma dollars tho u about ur collars yo
    i mite snatch that smack that right off of u
    so i had to flip it when i spin it when the pioneers i am here engineers leave them in tears
    crying once they record my sessions
    it sounds like a blessing and less like a verse
    the pope should repeat it, these rappers need a nurse
    they feeling hurt but ima do em worse
    they gonna need a search jus to find them
    sumtin in their eyes that wud blind them
    i recline them sit it back lay them down hit it mack in they fitted cap where u living at no more of that
    sort of that
    maybe when i return
    and reburn
    maybe u will relearn

  28. Flirting with Luella in the comments? Hilarious.

    Anyway, freestyle was dope.

  29. Comments are full of white knights for some attention whore on the internet... hilarious, it's just like being on 4CHAN.

  30. ^ Why do you guys keep bringing attention back to it? Not only are you bring attention to, you are also pretty much repeating what has already been said. I remember there was one blog entry that was FILLED with comments defending Luella. I'm not against defending something that you think is right or whatever, but there is no need to repeat what has already been said. If one person writes a comment like "wow this sucks" and 20 other write something similar and then I come in and say "wow that shit sucks" what have I accomplished?

    There was no reason for to refer back to it especially when it finally died down.

  31. ^

    Because, Mr. Genius, we just saw the comment entries. It's only natural for people to be amused by the content of said comments. Amusement will cause the topic to be brought up again, specifically to the people whose such amusing topic is new to them.

    Whether it is brought up or not, it shouldn't matter, because by your logic, since the topic died down, partially bringing it up won't cause any harm, now will it?

    Move along.

  32. ^ Whatever man

    I'm just tired of everyone saying Luella is a goddess every time she makes a comment and then others bash her or her compliments then you have everyone running to her aid. Sames goes for every Nikki Jean blog post. I have yet to see a blog post without a comment about how gorgeous she is. Don't get me wrong I'd hit that in a heart beat, but you don't have to make the same comment dozens of times!


  33. was pretty good for something off the top.

  34. Hey hey now!
    This is a place for us to come together and share like interests.

    Quit getting so mad off petty bull. You make the experience a sour one.


  35. can i get an answer plz
    yorus lovingly

    ps i am spanish with a latin accent

  36. ^^^

    Fuck off!

    I don't care WHAT you are, your appearance and accent mean nothing.

    You're a loser for coming at me, or any female for that matter, like that.

    Disrespectful on so many levels.

    Run along now.


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