Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Fake Shore Drive

While in town for the Holidays, and for some Lasers promo, we caught up with Lupe after a stop at WBEZ – Vocalo Radio.

With FSD correspondent Laura Mitchell running point, we chopped it up with Lupe about the leaks, his thoughts on bloggers and blogsites (does he hate us all?), the MTV rant, “S.L.R” vs. “The Show Goes On”, being Principal for a day at Crown Academy, and he also shouts out his favorite Chicago rappers (some of whom will definitely surprise you). So tune in to our long overdue sit down with Mr. Fiasco. - FakeShoreDrive



  2. Ohhh mayneee!

    Fake Shore Drive always comes with the best!

    I see they used some of my footage in this here vid--shit makes me feel good!

    More proud than ever to be part of Generation Lasers.


  3. "Not as lyrical as 'The Show Goes On'."?

    Ok, I admit, I lol'd.

  4. I think he possibly mean't not as lyrical as SLR. Just guessing so maybe not but they were just talking about SLR and he could've made a mistake. If not that though, he must mean message-wise in his lyrics.

  5. Seems like Lasers is gonna be like The Cool pt II or something. Lu also said that The Cool was intended to be almost "poppy" but with complex lyrics "so it sneaks onto the radio"

    I think he said that on his Tavis Smiley interview.


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