1. what the FUCK is this?

    This is so elementary.

    Lupe sucks,
    Roses are red,
    Saying Chicago 50 times in a freestyle is dead,
    Groupie fucks!

  2. dope footage, dope freestyle. lupe's a lyricist, not a freestyler, but i still love it when he does it and you gotta respect it. he doesnt need to freestyle. he does it for the love and cause he loves what he does. l.a.s.e.r.s.

  3. ^^ do yall realize how many mainstream rappers actually freestyle real freestyles?? almost little to none with the exception of a few...

    You can't knock him for going off the top when you wouldnt catch a Drake or Wayne freestyling something actually solid while in front of the camera...

    they couldnt do it and still sound on point..they wouldnt put themselves in a position to fuck up.. cant hate on lupe, he's a real mc. point blank

  4. ^^ do yall realize how many mainstream rappers actually freestyle real freestyles??

    ^^^do YOU realize how many artists CAN freestyle and get no shine? But this motherfucker rhymes like Dr. Seuss and u think he's the greatest?

    Here should be his freestyle:

    I got dickriders then I get inside-a
    Dont' want to miss a chance for homosexual activity,
    Those guys in jail...I wish they were all me,
    So I could nail myself in the shower.

    Something something something....Sears Tower!

    Lemme in that

  5. ^ SMH I see what you tried to do but FAIL

  6. THE SHOW GOES ON is bascially saying his song is garbage.period

  7. oh yeah sean im watching your twitter to. im also again trying to hack it


  9. TROLLLIINNNNNNNN, people have no lives...it's a damn shame! I was feeling Lu's freestyle, it was real chill like. Remember what Lupe says "I love everybody even enemies" so thanks Deandre for the love towards Lu. And lastly, how many "real rappers" could freestyle like Lu did over this mellow jazz flow?

  10. Apparently Deandre has a lot of time on his hands...^ I agrefor the love, know lupe would be thankful too and thanks for the time as well i dunno about you but to me its very valuable

  11. This looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
    All jazzy & stuff.
    I like that.
    Wish I could have been there!

    @Deandre- Get that Lil B BS outtaaaa hereee!
    Lil B forces himself upon the game, to the point where it's just annoying.
    He's irrelevant.
    Has no substance.
    Tries too hard.

  12. hey
    whats really good?
    this lupe fucking stinks at freestyle and the show goes on needs to stop coming on.hey mr fiasco stick too moving heroin and never supporting any of your artist. assssssssshole.

  13. moving heroin?..i bet that's what you're on

  14. Yeah! He sold me heroin one time out of that big Chevy truck he use to ride around in. He tried to rap when he was selling it to me too and I was like "No man, just give me the fucking drugs".

    What a creep.

  15. SMH had this guy hatin on lupe. There are very few rappers who can spit off the dome. I have seen multiple lupe freestyles and this isn't his best but its def better than most out there. Keep in mind, the freestyle was at least 3 minutes, made sense, and he was using multiple-ryhming syllables. Not easy. If you compare his freestyle to a lot of rappers today, you'll realize lupe got talent. Just take a look at Drake's Tim Westwood freestyle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-f46UYRzV8
    Keep in mind this wasn't even a real frestyle. He was using a verse from one of Wayne's singles, yet he still had trouble delivering and messed up multiple times. A lot of rappers act like they're freestylin but its truly not off the top of the head like Lu..

  16. Rhymefest is lame as hell too. Why would I ever elect someone who raps "I started using rubbers again, it ain't that bad"

    How responsible.

    Figures a drug dealer (Lupe Fiasco) would support him.

    His freestyle is still awful. And his voice makes me want to hurt myself, and others.

  17. Whats with all the trolls here lately?

    and nice freestyle if you actually know jazz and live music jazz its hard to freestyle with a live band off the top of the dome cause here i can tell he was going with the band

    most people freestyle to beats freestyle to a live bands i'm impressed with what he did with it ...

  18. The freestyle was pretty bad yes. Saying chicago over and over again gets boring and repetitive. Probably the only part that stands out was when he was talking about light, blinding, brightness, and shining or something of the sort.

  19. Well it wasn't like this was his actual show or main performance. it was more of just fun after he performed. Just real chill and relaxed.

  20. damn, lu flowing off the dome and it actually makes sense and is actually kind of on topic... you dont see ANY emcees flowing off the top nowadays. all the 'cyphers' are pre-written. this ish is dope. off the dome freestyles arent really meant to be cohesive or lyrical.. its supposed to showcase how fast you can think and if you can keep the flow going... lu pulled it off flawlessly. only new school emcee i can think of that can freestyle like that is charles hamilton (and im not even a CH fan)

  21. Lupe always got good flow no matter what it is,yeah he is freestyling to a jazz band and its hard to do that .so to all the haters get a life and stop hating.:) He did this for a fundraiser and that makes him a guy who cares so STFU and get of his blog if your hating.

  22. what a wack dickhead.
    guess what, fuck u and everyone of the million scumbag drones who adore your diseased underwear.
    go to sleep already you fake cool laser. inshallah you will crumble.

  23. sfsdfsdfdfffffffffffffffffffff


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