Vibe Mag's lame excuse to put Lupe on a list named "The 10 Most Disappointing Rappers of 2010"

Vibe Mag included Lupe in a list called "The 10 Most Disappointing Rappers of 2010." They put him on position 9, read their reasoning below and my opinion about it after that.

The Case: Going into 2009, Lupe Fiasco became an underground legend of sorts. With two critically acclaimed and rap blog approved albums under his belt, Chi-Town’s nerd with swag promised a final three disc opus. As time progressed, Lupe continued to change his plans and sight problems with his recording home Atlantic Records as the main source for the album’s delay.

The Verdict: With a sole mixtape release last November (Enemy of the State), Lupe stans continue to wait on a full length album going on 3 years. Now twitter rants about rap blogs contributing to the unauthorized piracy and label politics continuing to delay his now shortened, single disc album. In reality, his reluctant behavior has transformed Lupe into the rap version of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

So dear Vibe Mag editor, you put someone on a list of Disappointing Rappers cause he hasn't put an album out in 3 years which wasn't even his own fault in the most parts? How lame is that. The reason behind the 3 disc album not being released was his label not being cool with it and we don't even have to talk about the whole Atlantic/360 Deal/Lasers situation anymore...

Besides that, if he'd want to, which is not the case, he could even wait 5 years between releases like some rock groups do and no one could do anything against it cause it's up to him and his label.

Besides that, he's entitled to his own opinion and free to talk about whatever he wants to on his Twitter, like everyone else does. No need to critize him for this either. If you don't like it, that's your problem. I usually don't post about bullshit like this to stay out of it, but this right here is just stupid on Vibe's part and needs to be addressed.


  1. all dis Lists full of boolshits.

  2. lol reasoning is such bullshit

    Fucking haters

  3. I've been wondering where to get that shirt forever.

    Also, Vibe author needs to research more.

  4. Anonymous said...
    all dis Lists full of boolshits.

    so true. ppl need to stop talking about all these top 10 lists. It's all based on opinion and the debates never get anywhere

  5. I'm sorry, I gotta agree with Vibe a bit here.

    I can't say I agree fully on the whole lack of an album argument as like you've said, label issues are also to blame here.

    But that's also not much of an excuse for the lack of music. In the time that we were not getting any albums, we could've gotten another mixtape or something. We all know he has lots of songs and verses lying around somewhere, Kanyes Good Fridays even proved that.

    I'm a Lupe stan and all, but I can't defend dude at every turn. His music is great, he's never disappointed with that, but new stuff comes around rarely and that's not really a good look with the hype train he has behind him.

    I remember one of his goals being that he wanted to end up on MTVs Top 10 emcees list again, what happened to that?

  6. Vibe is fuckin terrible for that

  7. why even sweat this, we all know ppl like T.I and Wayne will make their best top ten even though they were in jail

  8. "Why you take offense with your defensive ass"

  9. Who the hell still reads Vibe mag anyway?????

  10. You can't really take it seriously, I mean they used "sight" instead of "cite".

    Vibe sucks.

  11. they are actually right lol

  12. stop riding lupe's dick the whole situation was disappointing

  13. AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lupe should have put out new music in those 3 years

  14. anybody who thinks this is true should go listen to waka flaka flame because you are not a true Lupe fan if you do believe this post

  15. lasers will shut them up.. FNF UP

  16. Sorry but what Vibe said is true, as dope as Lu is as an artist, he is a disappointment overall. Although he's been releasing music recently, the past months he dropped very little music and expected to stay relevant, but that's not how it works.

    Instead of putting out music, Lu just made excuses and more excuses and blaming everyone around him for his own problems, whether he's blaming big sites who had nothing to do with his music leaking to blaming Atlantic for not putting his music out (because yes it was his fault as well).

    I'm glad he has been making better strides like dropping SLR, but if he really wants to stay away from lists like this one, then he needs to put out that mixtape (or two) and stop blaming everyone around him for his own problems.

  17. WTFFFF!!!!
    @Lawfer "Lupe is just lazy"...????


    Lupe's lazy for going on multiple world tours even when Atlantic refused to put his album out?
    How the hell is that lazy?
    He climbed a damn mountain..That's lazy!??

    I find it crazy how Lupe stays so relevant in so many of our lives even when he "doesn't have any music out"..
    He's obviously doing something right.

    Vibe Magazine couldn't tell the difference between a good & bad artist if it were slapping them in the face. They need to quit having titties, ass, & criminals on all their covers & pass the torch to someone worthy & REAL.

  18. Considering Carrera himself stated he's already completed TWO other albums post-Lasers I'd say he hasn't been lazy . . he just hasn't been a position to release them to his teeth-grinding fans.

    March 8th can't come soon enough.

  19. He did do world tours but thats really cos he needed the money...

  20. and another thing is the whole shitload of people who expect Lasers to be the second coming of Jesus, honestly, don't overhype yourself because you WILL be disappointed. The album is going to be fantastic, I'm gna buy it, but whoever believes it will satisfy all our nerd cravings is just lying to themselves. Perhaps TGARA will suffice for that, but dont be holding out for 2011 release window for that either.

  21. To the people who said that Lupe's been lazy this year..he's been touring for the most part of the year, he's been doing all this charity work including climbing a god damn mountain, there have been like 20+ tracks/features released this year and the Japanese Cartoon album.

    And there have also been 6 videos that dropped this year. If that's considered lazy then idk....

  22. @ Luella Mink dont worry laser and food and liquor II will shut their mouth

  23. I find it funny how ppl r sayin that Lupe is lazy, how in the fuck is he lazy?, that nigga just climbed a mountain for a good cause and he's lazy? he has done loads of collabs since The Cool's release and he's lazy?, what the fuck r yall niggas talkin about? ever since Wayne and Gucci been makin these mixtapes every week or 2, all niggas been doin is criticizin on how rappers need more mixtapes to stay relevant, Lupe himself said in an interview a couple months back that he makes music everyday, I mean he's comin out wit 2 albums next year, Lupe doesnt have to make mixtapes every week to stay relevant, cuz a true Lupe fan would know that Lupe's albums and mixtapes are still relevant, where Lupe is in his career right now, he dont need to make multiple mixtapes, havin 50 mixtapes cheapens u.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. @Luella

    Nobody is talking about Lupe's activities. We are talking about music. Lupe is an inspirational person, his purpose in life is much grater than just music; for example, he's changing kids from suburbs that don't have hope into doing/becoming what they want. I greatly respect him for that. And of course, for other things he has done such as the Kilimanjaro climb.

    But at releasing music, he is just lazy. It's as simple as ABC. He says he doesn't want to fill the market with his music, but that's not true. His very need for acceptance and due props is what motivated him to do EOTS. He says his music will lose value if he releases too much, how does that make sense? It would make sense if we were talking about Wacka Flocka, whose songs say the same thing over and over again. But music with substance will never sound repetitious nor invaluable. You can't do good little by little, if you can do a lot. That's like saying we can't hire more cops because we will fill the street with cops... How does that logic sound bad? Don't we NEED more cops? It would make sense if we were talking about filling the street with criminals.

    And please don't use JC as a fact of him releasing music; that's a project he's been doing for quite some time.

    The truth is, Lupe's motivation to release something never comes naturally, he's either forced to do something, or the situations around require him to do something. Lupe will never call Pharell and say, "Hey let's make a song, and release it for the hell of it." That's not Lupe. Lupe released GTS because Atlantic didn't release Lasers. The little music we've got, are either leaks, or are not released naturally. Do you know what I'm saying? It's like, when something Lupe related comes out, we feel fortunate, as if a miracle just happened. And the conformity from you Lupe fans it what angers me the most: positivity should not be channeled, it should not be reduced nor diminished; those are just excuses. In a era where what we need the most is HIS music, he thinks that the less he provides to us, he's doing us a favor? Really, now?

    To make my point clearer: Lupe knows Kanye. Kanye knows Common. Why did he have to wait for Gatorade to make a collab with Common? Don't you guys ever wonder why Lupe doesn't collab as much? Why isn't there a motivation in him to make great music with great artists? Why do things have to just happen for them to, well... happen?

    If Soulja Boy hadn't said that about Lupe, he would have never done SLR. Things like these just prove Lupe is not as music-oriented, when it comes down to releasing it. Which is also why he won't release FOTP... He said he would because he was happy because of Fiasco Friday, but then, after the release date, and everything was settled I bet he found little reason to release it, you know?... It's like meh to him now.

    I come here to see what he's up to. Nothing else. I rarely expect music anymore. You post more music about other Lupe-related artists, than Lupe himself, and that says more than what I've just written.

  26. I think it's partially true what Vibe said, but some of the other stuff is irrelevant. Lupe being lazy is one the weirdest things I ever heard. Lupe did charity events and concert across the world. Vibe may need to re-evaluate things. Myself personally I think 3 years is way too long for a album to be released. I think the album could have been released a lot sooner honestly. Also, I don't think that 360 deal really had much to do with the delay too. I mean we all look at it from Lupe standpoint and that's cool, but no one heard from Atlantic perspective either, but I totally disagree that Lupe is lazy. I think he was hungry as he used to be before Food & Liqour came out & that might be what they may mean by he is lazy. It definitely was a crazy situation that possibly no one gonna know the truth of. Well Lupe Lasers March 8 2011. Cop it.

  27. Oh. Lol. I read Lawfer opinion on the matter and i'm going to definitely agree with him. Like my say I don't think the 360 deal has anything to do with the delay. I just believe he isn't hungry as he use to be. He was releasing mixtapes & albums from 2005 to 2007, but now you really don't expect a lot. I'm a die hard Lupe fan and I just think he ain't the same as he used to be. He was more passionate and dedicated then than now. Big ups to Lawfer for his statement.

  28. Out of the thirty-somthing comments....I am suprise that no one pointed out the infamous beef Lupe had with Vibe. Lupe almost sued Vibe so I am sure that Lupe is on their shit list. Vibe is very biased. But seriously, by Vibe doing this...confirms to me how full of shit they are. I use to love Vibe. Even when Lupe was about to sue Vibe, I wasnt on the 'fuck Vibe' bandwagon but my things change,smh. Their reasoning as most of the fans stated does not make sense. It was clearly half-ass researched and the people who claim Lupe is lazy do not even know what they are talking about. What rapper you know tours around the world (not just U.S.) for almost two-years straight? I mean I saw Lupe twice these past two years and I live in relatively small city. Also, what rapper you know has a fuckin book club? Lazy people dont read! What rapper you know climbs a mountain? Lazy people dont exercise!lol....I can go on all day with. Point blank, Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit! Vibe is disgusting,smh. LupEND

  29. @lovebomb

    Datkidd mentioned it in the second reply lol

  30. "See, there's so much happening, it ain't gonna get fix
    With singing and rapping and we gotta take action
    And turn that preach into practicing"

    He doesn't only preach through his songs, he's been putting it into practice. I love to hear newly released Lupe music, but I don't need brand new tracks every week when the messages such as Intruder Alert are still as powerful as ever.

    An artist doesn't have to be limited to one use of media though. I never limited him to being solely a rapper once I saw what else he does. Besides, I'd rather have a few solid tracks than a plethora of music that ends up being sub par. I'm not saying TSGO is one of his greatest works, but he retained substance to sneak in to the place of popularity even though it was a track that Atlantic pushed on him.

    I think there's a great pressure on artists where they must always do things for their fans when fans will turn their backs on a person like tails in a coin clip. As an artist, I do it for the love of it when I'm into it and I'm grateful if someone likes it. To me, Lupe actually jumps on too many projects at once. With JC, CRS, ACCC going on behind the scenes, I don't want them to end up like FNF. He keeps his doors way open in terms of music to be (Soulja, Beiber, etc). I'm hopeful for a N.E.R.D. x Lupe album. Although I'd still like to see the Little Brother x Skyzoo x Lupe mix from '06. Just my 2 cents.

  31. Sorry, but I have to completely agree with Vibe.

    In the three years, Lupe first said he would be coming out with LupE.N.D., but his contract with Atlantic wouldn't allow that. Okay, that was out of his control. Atlantic holding on to Lasers, that was out of his control too. BUT, he was working on the Great American Rap Album, and what happened? He wasn't feeling it, so he moved on to something else. There was also suppose to be a sequel to Enemy of the State. What happened? Oh, people kept leaking his music, so he used THAT as his excuse for holding off releasing music. First was this, then he used Atlantic as an excuse. This guy has turned into such a little bitch in the past few years, it's not even funny, can't even take blame on himself.
    And in those three years, he isn't releasing any other mixtape, so obviously he becomes irrelevant.
    He could have released music, but no "people are leaking my music, I don't appreciate that. That's money i'm losing" blah blah blah. That's the industry, get the fuck used to it. That's why I listen to underground artist like Atmosphere and MURS, who don't give a fuck if their shit is leaked, because they make music for the sake of making it, to please the masses, and themselves, it what makes them happy. Lupe, however, was bitching that he's losing money out of it.Really? Greedy bitch, so much for your fans.
    And if I may be serious for a moment: Lupe's latest single is complete shit. I can see what Atlantic held back on announcing Lasers release. They were iffy that the album won't sell, and they should. Compared to "Shining Down" (which is fucking EPIC!! N which ISN'T on Lasers), Lasers is starting to sound like shit.

    So yeah, Vibe is right, you are wrong, the only reason you defend him is because yall love dick riding him.

    And everything I've said is true. Why? Because everything I know about Lupe, I found out from THIS SITE. So, if you don't like what I said, go back n look at your older posts to see if that will convince you.

    Have A Nice Day ! :)

  32. ^^^^^You are fuckin stupid, if Atlantic wasnt gonna release Lasers on the year it was supposed to come out, wat makes u think they were gonna let him release The Great American Rap Album? fuckin idiot, Lasers is The Great American Rap Album's final name and then he changed it to Lasers, know what the fuck ur talking about, before Wayne and Gucci started doin this mixtapes every week shit, bitches like u feel dat artists are only relevant if they do the same, Lupe's done about 20 callabs alone this year and ur callin him lazy?, is Nas lazy too nigga?, is Hova lazy?, get the fuck outta here, and MURS and Atmosphere are on INDEPENDENT LABELS, Lupe's in a MAJOR LABEL, there's a big difference, if Murs and Atmosphere's tracks are leaked, they dont lose as much money as they would if they were on a major label, Lupe is supporting his family since his father died in 2007 so i would understand why he's mad about his shit gettin leaked and him losin money, how in the fuck would u like it if ur boss took out 50 dollars outta ur paycheck for no reason?, u just a bitch ass nigga dat dont know shit bout the business, get the fuck outta here, there's no lupe dick ridin anywhere, its the straight ass truth.

  33. What does Vibe, Source and XXL have in common...

    they are all irrelevant towards true hip hop. It's the same people every issue. That's why I stopped bothering with these fools.

  34. LMAO to the comment b4 Astro, nigga doesnt kno wut he talkin bout. Dumb ass niggas like that should keep they mouths shut when yall don't kno shit bout the facts. Atlantic NEVER got The Great American Rap Album. Lu came out HIMSELF n said that he wasnt feelin that album, so he was gonna move on to something else, thats when he worked on Lasers. SO, they're completely different albums. He has made that clear himself in interviews. He even said it on twitter. Go check months back on his twitter if you think that's wrong, stupid nigga.
    AND "OHHH, YOU'RE SOOOO RIGHT. Lu has to take care of his family. He cant have no tracks leak, or he'll lose money. oh NOOOOOOO!!!"
    First off, if ur a true fan, don't matter if his shit leaks, cuz ur def gonna buy the album n support him either way. Second, Artist make SHIT from sellin they albums, so tracks leakin dont really hurt him, they hurt the Atlantic. Tours is where the moneys at, and that's what he has BEEN doing, so dont give that bullshit about him losing money.
    He is doing all these collabs, n that's cool, but none of it is his own original work, that's the thing. So get the fuck out of here, and get all the facts before u get on here attackin niggas, stupid, retarded ignorant faggot.

  35. Still hasn't dropped FOTP let alone a release date -_-

  36. pfff all you haters need to get off his dick, LUPE DOESN'T OWE YOU SHIT. If you think he's irrelevant then stop wasting your time here, he got way too much fans to have to worry about you. He really doesn't need to make more music for you people, and if you go back and listen to The Cool or Food and Liquor, that shit still hits just like listening to Tupac and Biggie still hits, its not like they're irrelevant for not putting out music.


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