Soulja Boy talks Lupe Fiasco & Possible Collabo

In an interview with HipHopDX Soulja Boy talked about the situation him and Lupe had going on a few weeks back, we reported. He addressed the issue and added that him and Lupe will do a song together. Read below:

DX: You give people plenty to talk about. You always seem to have a crazy-ass headline on the site, like this one from November 5th: “Soulja Boy Takes A Shot At Lupe Fiasco?” Can you elaborate a little bit on what you were saying to XXL about not wanting “to be super-Lupe-Fiasco lyrical…”?

Soulja Boy: They didn’t [publish] my whole statement. And basically, the interviewer dude, he was asking me why do I make lyrical songs like “Only God Knows,” “Born”… “The World So Cold,” and why do I make non-lyrical songs like “Crank That” and “Pretty Boy Swag”? And he was like, why don’t I just be lyrical all the time?

And I was telling him on [a] specific song, like “Pretty Boy Swag,” I ain’t wanna be all lyrical. I just wanted to be straight-up, and just be simple, [so] people can get what I’m saying ‘cause it’s a club song. But I wasn’t saying as far as my whole music [output, with] all of my songs, that I don’t wanna be rappin’ like Lupe Fiasco. And they took it the wrong way, or whatever, and they blew it up.

But I don’t even care, ‘cause controversy sells. And when that hit, Lupe hit me up and he was like, “Yo man, what’s up?” I was like, “Nah man, they just blew it outta proportion. I actually was giving you compliments.” And after that we chopped it up. We ‘bout to do a song [together].

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  1. Oh good Lord if this ain't dumbing it down then I don't know what is..

  2. Relax, my queen. It is only dumbed down if Lu spits so. If it's a typical soulja boy banga, no matter what soulja says, lu would get the attention of a new crowd,without changing his approach. That's called a win. He AIN'T Lupe lyrical, but the boy has some moments on his songs. Once his fans hear this, they won't be afraid to take the "Super Lu route"

  3. Worddddd to Anonymous #2.

    I totally feel that.
    I guess it's all in the way that you look at it..


    Queen? Nah, I'm just a regular girl.

  4. sigh first lil b now soulja boy I think I died a little bit more inside this is too much to digest in one day. What the fuck is going on.
    Lupe HAS to spit "failure type" on the lil b collab and the soulja boy collab cause if he don't it will be a HUGE negative blow to him.

  5. My thoughts exactly... Lu already has his fan based locked... its time he won over the unaware. Everyone should have the opportunity to become a LASER...

  6. lupe needs to stop doin collabs
    if he want to do a collab he should do it wit some legit niggas like nas
    thatd b history right there

  7. No one is "regular." No one is bland. I see the common folk as nobility. I call the (deserving) women "queens", for that reason. Plus that was kinda funny to say, since I don't personally know you.:)

  8. ^^^I am your KING then!!!

    Bow down nooooowww!!!


  9. ^^I crack my self up lol

    On a serious note...

    You guys don't have to worry too much about Lu collabing with lame artist too much. Lupe collabing only helps him, it will never hurt him because Lu is respected as good MC. Like someone said earlier it expands Lu's audience. The more people who listen to Lu the better. We don't gotta be selfish now... Plus I want hear soulja boy be "lyrical" which everyone seems to be talking about... nigga...

  10. ^haha! Yes, my king. XD I agree with everything you said. I do have to warn you though, that when we said Soulja was lyrical, we meant a few steps up from "Pretty Boy Swag." New term: Lu is super lyrical. Everyone else is just lyrical. case closed. *bangs gavel*

  11. I think it will be interesting... Now we can have Lupe Fiasco "Murder a rapper on his own song"

    He'll be the next Eminem... : D

  12. ...Honestly? This might be the first Lu song I ignore completely... but lol at the above

  13. Some straight up corn buckets on this blog! Folks is mad corney 4 real...SMH

  14. was us everyone freakin out like this is new information. during the whole "super lupe lyrical" controversy, both soulja and lupe talked about how they were gonna do a song together.

  15. or at least that they wanted to work together.

  16. привет, Это же урбанизация какая-то

  17. when this shit comes out some one plz edit it out soulja boys part and post dl link


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