1. fuck lupe. guess what, fuck u and everyone of the million scumbag drones who adore your diseased underwear.
    go to sleep already you fake cool laser. inshallah you will crumble.

  2. Seriously, were you abused as a child? Are you BEING abused? Because your negativity is a gross reflection of the anonymity that you hide behind, you're not secure with yourself, clearly.

    And how dare you use the term "Inshallah" to hope for the DOWNFALL of someone?

    You're delusional to think that spewing hatred is the way to get anywhere. Get off that shit.

  3. Laser4Love??? What kind of name is that?

    Wait, just because someone doesn't approve of this evil, dirty, sorry excuse for a rapper and human being you ask if they were abused as a child??

    You're exactly the same type of person that is nothing but a follower and has no mind control and will continue to listen to whatever other people tell you to.

    It's not spewing hatred as much as it is truth.

  4. as anonymous i apologize for anonymous.. He's still a prototype.

  5. Since when did the "truth" become synonymous with mindless ranting about and I quote "diseased underwear"??? Thats misguided hatred if I ever saw it.

    Listen, I don know why you consider Lupe evil, but please do tell me why you think that way. I'm open to hearing the other side of this conversation, you got me curious.

    And my name is AWESOME, you just jealous cause you blend in with the unknown masses of the CROWD you're trying so fervently to separate yourself from...THATS mind control my friend.

    Thanks other anonymous!


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