1. was looking forward 2 this all day son!

  2. good lookin out sean
    2dopeboyz website crashed cant get it from there haha

  3. this ish is takin forever to dl

  4. i thought it was just me :( I approve of hot mixtapes, but i really disapprove of this crazy DL time

    an hour later, and i still only have 34%

    cmon son

  5. Finally Fast.com for you fam, information super highway........

  6. what does this have to do with Lupe??

  7. If you really want this to have something to do with Lupe, I'll only say: All City Chess Club

  8. ok what about all the kanye tracks?? CRS?? i thought this was a website for Lupe material only

  9. we've always posted some other stuff aswell...not that much lately but there have always been other artists posted on here, too.

  10. lol anon he has posted every good friday you idiot just stop being a doucher.

  11. Decent mixtape. Not as hot as previous ones though.

    SLR >>> Over pretty much anything on Friday Night Lights...

    ...but The Warm Up >>>> anything Lupe has put out since The Cool.

  12. I think the mixtape is only decent as well. I guess I listen to so much Lupe it seems that J. Cole's subject matter is pretty much the same in each song...here are is his topics of discussion

    1. making it in the rap game
    2. being slept on or being broke
    3. getting at some chick
    4. how good he will be/currently is

    I think he's mad talented, but if he wants to remain on everyone's minds he will have to expand his subject matter...but then again this is only a mixtape...


  13. lol considering i've heard about half the tracks already (damned leaks) its pretty decent. Theres a couple im gonna keep on repeat heavy, not doubt about that

  14. ^^just listen bunch of lupe tracks,damn cole nice but not even close to lupe,really

  15. @T

    Listen again. Each verse tells a different story...

    See World
    Home for the Holidays

  16. ^ Different story, but same subject matter.

    I think this mixtape is decent especially since I heard a lot of the tracks already.

    Like someone said earlier I think J.Cole needs to expand his repertoire.

    And Lu>Cole no doubt...

  17. I swear to God you niggas ride Lupe so hard...anything anyone puts out you say "Lupe this lupe that" damn get off Lupe dick cause tbh Lupe subject major has been pretty minor lately and some of his songs are as beast as yall say they are I mean damn he nice but he aint that nice 1. Jay Z 2. Nas 3. Kanye West 4. Lupe 5. Eminem 6. J Cole 7. Pusha T 8. Big Sean 9. Cyhi 10. Royce and these niggas barely startd and catching Lu smh riders

  18. if you haven't noticed this is the lupend blog if you want a blog thats gonna be biased to your favorite rapper go to that one ,,, you r basically at a home game telling everyone boston is the best in the NBA right now despite there current record.... so lets calm down and think about what you say when you are on somebody's home turf i agree with you but when your at home you don't expect the fans to cheer for the other team as much/at all for the other team

    Lupe Is The best but his downfall is who doesn't have enough material out for his fans to back up what they say

    J. Cole is easily top 5....

    And btw Jay ELectronica just sign to roc nation he's easily top 2.... (Pending act II dropping grrrrrr.....)

    Ain't nobody d!ck riding we are home court fans dayum so much hostility just use common sense *i mean that with all due respect*

  19. ^^ cosign he just typed it faster and in all honesty jay stacking his team up again but this time they are from all over and aren't directly with him there under him

    but to get off subject bfefor getting on subject lil wayne is F****d not only in the aspect of he cant live his lifestyle anymore if he wants to stay outta jail but also as a mass people are getting tired of his bs sadly in my book drake is better than him and i only like him on the tracks drizzy helped him with but on another note the industry is moving back slowly but surely to paying attention to lyrics i.e why the surge in new Lu fans --- end of rant

    on topic

    the mixtape truly bumps had the whole tape on repeat since i downloaded 2 hours ago now for the detail:

    "Too deep for the intro" - is truly to deep for the intro flipping one of my fav erkah badu tracks auto stamps it classic

    "Villematic" - Cole in my opinion did this better than ye

    "In The Morning" - with Drake hard to describe a track that almost outshines the whole tape

    and pretty much all the tracks from this tape that eared there 5*'s


  20. I agree with a lot what Corey S. says and im glad to see Pusha in the top 10 but i would like to see WALE somewhere on that list

  21. Lupe should sign Blu to FNF since all the other "Generals" are getting there armies ready for WAR!!

    Roc Nation - Cole & Jay Elect etc...

    Young Money - Drake & Nicki Minaj etc...

    G.O.O.D Music - Big Sean & Pusha T etc...

    FNF - Who & Who? no etcs...

    I Know Lupe can destroy everyone I mentioned BY HIMSELF hence the 1 man SlaughterHouse
    but its always good to have a few "Soldiers" on the frontline.

    *footnote* J. Cole said his album might drop in March? - I support Cole but March 8th is COMPLETELY DEDICATED TO LASERS...
    so avoid that date at all cost like its 2012 or something...

  22. I get what you saying this is Lupe home turf but since when has Lupe put down Cole? I mean really yall fucking compare everything to Lupe and YOU CANT COMPARE NIGGAS TO LUPE!!!! If thats the case there is nobody in the rap game besides Jay Nas and Lupe you cant compare niggas to them so give other dudes chances like really Cole aint a bad artist he fucking beast and whoever said that crap about him not having a lot of things to rap about is retarded listen to the come up-about him trying to make it warm up-about life in general fnl-about everything mixed in one on this mixtape he barely talks about trying to make it in the rap game

  23. To the people that criticizes what J. Cole is saying through his songs, y'all just can't enjoy anything. He didn't have to put the mixtape out at all, but he did it because of the support. I think his subject matters are real good. If y'all think he says the same thing in his songs, then criticizes Talib Kweli or Common because they do the same J. Cole do, but I digging the mixtape though. Every song is really to expectation. I love the song Farewell & The Autograph. Real deep & I can understand his meaning real well. Number 1 is Lupe, but J. Cole is coming for that position. It will be hard, but I like to see things like that. Two hip-hop heavyweights battling with every song they release or freestyles. I crossing my figures for a J. Cole & Lupe Fiasco Collabo. If they did one, it would be the second best collabo I heard since Eminem & Jay-Z Renegade.

  24. Corey S. & Arthur Thomas made the best comments on here. Respect my brothers.

  25. @SeanTheROBOT Thanks for the link in 320kps!!! Pisses me off other sites have worse quality. And go ahead and post All City Chess Club and other Lupe-related things. I mean it's everything Lupe and this relates. It would get boring to only see Lupe things anyway because there would be times where not much is happening with Lupe and Lupe doesn't release music too often so we need some stuff to tide us over.

  26. I'm getting tired of people always tryna compare J. Cole with every artist in the game. They compared him to Drake, and now this idiot who commented yesterday (Friday) at 8:12 PM EST wanna compare him to Lupe.

    Both of those comparisons are just stupid!!! I'm an avid Lupe fan---he's my favorite rapper by far---but I'm also a hip-hop fan which is why I really like J. Cole.

    It really pisses me off when somebody goes on any blogsite & puts two rappers up against each other when that was clearly not the intent of the post. Like really, get a life already & just appreciate the quality of music that's out there. Quit starting useless arguments.

  27. I dnt mind the comparison but when you are on a lupe fiasco blog they will cater to lupe fiasco..... PERIOD!!! To all of you arguing that people dnt give other rappers enough credit go to there freaking blog and give them credit.

    O for one know for a fact that their are legit arguments for why lupe aint number one and why he is number one but you cant come on a blog and be like "oh al ya'll lupe d!ck riders" ok..... -____- i go to drakes blog and talk about lupe they worse then us go put this statement on any of the post "Drake<(insert random artist) YOU WILL BE EATEN ALIVE!!!!! You know why......*pause*

    BECAUSE ITS A DRAKE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You want to go to a blog and compare go to a hip-hop blog not the blog of the artist......

  28. I just hate the fact that everybody gotta down Cole because his subject matter. I listen to Cole & Lupe, but are on top of my list. I just would rather someone appreciate hip-hop music besides getting mad because it on another blog. Man, that's childish stupid ignorant shit. I'll go any blog and just acknowledge the music even if that ain't the artist blogspot. All i'm saying appreciate what's give to us & thanks the people for posting the music & artist for releasing the music to us. Thanks Sean for posting Friday Night Lights to us.

  29. @ Hsu

    In the morning outshines the whole tape? What song were you listening to? The songs alright, but it dont touch @ deep for the intro, or 2face, or enchanted, or before im gone or love me not. I hope you werent saying that just being a DDR (not dance dance revolution, a Drakonian dick ridah)

    You got with Wale, easily one of the best cuts of the tape, definitely my favorite collabo on it

    And definitely gots 2 agree with Mr. Thomas out there. J.Cole is dope no matter what, all that bs about why his tape is getting play on a Lupe blog needs to stop. It just looks damn foolish.

    And thanks for posting FNL (even though it took me damn near 3 hrs to download :( ) Been bumping this all day. If you havent checked it out yet, please do, its well worth it

  30. lol, Lupe is the best man... He did it... J. Cole be spitting that hot fire though... his verse in Kanye's Good Friday joint "Looking For Trouble" made me jizz...

  31. If it's true that J. Cole will release his album in March 2011 like Lupe. It would be really epic. I'mma fan of both & I would like see a battle of the albums. It would the one the greatest days in Hip-Hop.I can't wait for both albums to drop. I'm getting damn excited. LMAO!


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