Mickey Factz speaks on joining the All City Chess Club

In a recent interview Lupe revealed that Mickey Factz is also a part of the All City Chess Club line up now. Mickey talked to Vibe about it and shared his thoughts.

“Me and Lupe, we’ve spoken a lot in the past, toured together, so it just makes sense,” Mickey says of joining the team. “We kind of have the same ideology when it comes to music, so I’m glad that he finally decided to put me down. It’s definitely a natural fit.”

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  1. wasnt this dude talking shit on lupe just a few months ago..?

  2. He wasn't talking sh*t, all he said was he felt left out when he wasn't asked to be in it originally

  3. I think Mickey WILL be a rather good fit into the Chess Club considering the type of music he does and more...


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