1. "Baptize your mind let your brain take a bath!"

    *chants Lupe!Lupe!Lupe!*


  2. I was literally just talking to my friend bout F&L 2

  3. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If Lupe is in the ILLUMINATI... I'm done with music period.

  5. Damn you people are stupid as fuck. He was clearly dissing the illuminatti you morons.

  6. F&L II is about to be B A N A N A S!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. And people say this guy has fallen off? I know this is a F&L II video but everyone bitching about Lasers not being good even before its been released need to stay the hell away from this site. Its so damn annoying to see people crying over it not being "food and liquor Lupe" What do you base this off of? one single? please... Artists change over time get over it, as long as the music still gets Lupe's message across i don't see a problem.

  8. Lyrics for the intro:

    now as i wander through the city going mad
    i see the fruits of planting evidence instead of grass
    a swindled generation with no patience full of swag
    man they so impatient with the stations that they have
    as long as they look good when they be doin bad
    and the separation from the truth is getting vast, fast
    be a slave at first or free at..last
    double edged choices make a nigga wanna pass
    double headed voices of the eagle on the staff
    the pyramid with the eyes will split the spirits in half
    divided over money, delighted by the dummy and down of the importance of crowns will never have
    thats why my sounds and sermons are so full of wrath
    baptize your mind let your brain take a bath

  9. I seriously love Lupe <333

    "baptize your mind, let your brain take a bath" <<dope

    just can't wait for anything Lupe puts out!!!

  10. The people who call this ilLUminati is just LOST.....

    Yall hear pyramid & eye = illuminati
    Yall hear eagle on the staff = illuminati

    Listen to the whole "passage" and you'll understand
    Niggas so wrapped up in symbolism its SAD

    "As long as they look good when they be doin bad

  11. Lupe Fiasco is nuts! MAN! F&L II is about to be INSANE!

    And for real, I don't know how people know about this blog and think Lupe Fiasco is illuminati. I wish people would shred that overused term. It has no meaning anymore.

  12. Is this what lupe's sister is saying on the album?

  13. No his sis is on the Lasers intro. this is from F&L2

  14. I can't believe some people on here said Lupe is Illuminati. I hate to be like this, but whoever said that is definitely at all not listening to anything he said. Actually, that's just like to people to say we want the old Lupe back. He never left, he just changed a bit like a lot of great MC's do. Like Rakim style changed a bit, but he still was one of the best rapper I ever heard and still is. My point is "LISTEN" to what he says before you jump to conclusion. Straight hypocrites seriously. You can't have a great comments anywhere without people just talking nothing about nothing, but that was a great verse though. Big ups to Lupe. Man two albums from Lupe gonna be insane. 2011 is the year for hip hop definitely.

  15. I have footage of Lupe answering questions about Illuminati in corporate America too. You guys wanna see that?

  16. this that food & liquor flow! yesss!(jay-z voice)

  17. I can't believe people think the illuminati are real, what's worse is that the people who do believe the bullshit think Lupe is one of them.

  18. i already commented this but, THIS SHIT IS SO MONSTROUS!!!!!

  19. This i grand! And to all the ignorant people commenting about illuminati..please stop, because you know nothing about it.

  20. alright fools, listen lupe isn't "in the illuminati" you cant join, you hav to be born in it. BUT the music industry is fraternal; meaning there are VARIOUS 'secret societies' all being influenced by the original illuminati. For those of you who still doubt it's existence at all; well there is no help for you... Lupe is in fact in some sort of occult coven, all anyone has to do is look at his fingers while he is raping....

  21. i hope that f&L II will be better...cause lasers is just standart...i dont want the old lupe-sound...i just want that old lupe-attitude...this album sounds like B.o.B shit -.-

  22. "Nigga wake up, don't join the army
    Kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminati

    And they ain't even real, or are they?
    But you ain't even know, cuz you partay

    Too f*ckin much, if you start to doubt
    they already in yo mind, and comin' out yo mouth"

    BMF Freestyle by Lupe Fiasco.


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