Lupe Fiasco's Trilly & Truly Leather Jackets

Esquire's Style Blog got an exclusive look at a new Trilly & Truly collection. Here's what they had to say:

Lupe has a clothing line, called Trilly and Truly. What might come as a surprise is that he and co-designer Marisol Martinez are putting together the beginnings of a high-end collection that will resonate far beyond Fiasco's typical fan base.

The Style Blog got an exclusive look at the first two pieces of this new collection, called Overthrown Junta by Trilly and Truly. And while the name is a mouthful, the classic leather motorcycle jackets (with a camouflage twist) are a sight for sore eyes.

Overthrown Junta will be hitting RSVP Gallery in Chicago in the next three weeks.

To see the jackets, just hit the jump!


  1. I like the style of the jacket but not how the camo is on it....

  2. @Jinsu same here, I'd like one just in black...but I don't think I'll even be able to afford one.

  3. I think, I'm in love.

    No no, I KNOW I'm in love.

    I NEED.

  4. This jacket is so Lupe.

    Camo & leather.

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH I love this shit.

  5. @Sean The Robot...Yeh your right it would look way better in black....And the price i know its gonna sting. What happend with his jewelry collection Setlist & Rider?

  6. Copped as soon as they they drop... Saving Now!

  7. i want some more collabos wit lupe and dr romanelli, i love all that guys pieces.

  8. Wow, I almost got excited for sec. These jackets are not for me it don't match my swag lol. I wish I had the money to cop that other trilly & truly jacket or the one Lu wore in the dumb it down vid.

    I'm really disappointed, but it's directed at the biker dudes. Hopefully Lu comes out with a new jacket soon!

  9. I just got a job: AKA this is my 1st paycheck LOL

  10. I really like this your leather jacket collection thanks for sharing this post.
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