Ice Cube says that Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco are keeping Hip Hop Alive

Ice Cube recently did an interview w/ Hustler Mag. He talked about the state of hip-hop and said that he likes what artists like Kanye and Lupe are doing.

Are you impressed by any new MCs? I like what Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco are doing and where they are taking hip-hop. Those are good styles that are making hip-hop grow.

It’s not dying as people say just because the mainstream is not paying attention anymore. It’s just back to where it came from—underground. In the ’90s, mainstream took hip-hop and tried to play it out. Rap is something that can’t die because it’s the voice of the youth. There is always something to be said by somebody somewhere, and there’s so many ways to say it now.

Spotted at Karen Civil's Place


  1. I can now add Ice Cube to the growing list of Rappers that have said "Lupe Fiasco is dope" :)

  2. Always truth in Cube's words. To all y'all saying "Hip-hop is dead", NO IT'S NOT; IT CAN NEVER DIE!!!! His statement explained it perfectly.

  3. Hip Hop didn't die, it just got buried alive underground

  4. That's right, you can't kill hip hop. The cat is outta the bag already. Just like gold grillz. They said that grillz are played out. Yeah right, we even have Olympic medalists drawing worldwide attention to bling teeth in 2012. You cant extinguish the spirit of hip hop, ever.


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